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10 Reasons Not To Get A Golden Retriever

10 Reasons Not To Get A Golden Retriever
  1. YOU WANT A DOG JUST FOR THE YARD – Part of what makes golden retrievers “golden” is their personality, benevolent and full of love for people.

But if they don’t spend enough time with the owner, they become very unhappy!

If you don’t want your dog to be a member of the family – the Golden Retriever is not for you.

  1. YOU DON’T LIKE DOG HAIR – Goldens need regular care to keep their skin and hair in good condition. You can easily do this yourself, or you can take the dog to a professional.

Also, the time you spend grooming your dog can also become part of your quality time with your furry friend.

Golden Retrievers shed all year round more or less!

If you love black or you don’t like the idea of having dog hair everywhere – this is not the breed for you!

  1. YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR – Golden Retrievers are born with a sense of playfulness that can be a bit too much!

If you don’t see anything funny in being woken up in the middle of the night by a puppy who decided it was the right time to play, or being woken up by a cold, salivating tennis ball on your face – probably some other breed would be a better choice.

  1. YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH CLEANLINESS – Nose prints on the glass, muddy paws, hair, broken vases… If you don’t know how to relax with your dog and enjoy, both you and your dog will be unhappy.
  2. YOU ARE LAZY AND YOU HOPE YOUR DOG WILL BE LAZY – Goldens are sports types who enjoy playing catch all day long.

They need regular exercise, especially as puppies, or they can become destructive and unhappy. If your longest walk in the past few months is from your couch to an armchair, you might want to consider getting a less athletic dog.

  1. YOU LIKE EVERYTHING IS IN ITS PLACE – Apart from being golden, they are also retrievers, translated from Latin it means “putting stuff in one’s mouth and dancing around with it” J!

The urge to bring things is deeply rooted in every golden and if you strongly oppose his cheerful welcoming of guests with your underwear in your mouth, maybe you should continue the search for a breed that suits you better.

  1. YOU WILL NOT GIVE THE DOG A FOREVER HOME – Being a dog owner is an obligation for the rest of your dog’s life! If you plan to get rid of a dog while the kids are in school, please consider once again if you really need to have a pet!

Shelters are full of dogs that have lost their homes due to changing circumstances. Some circumstances are unpredictable and there are volunteers who love dogs and are willing to help.

But predictable changes should be considered before taking a dog. Do some hard thinking!

  1. YOU DON’T LIKE MEETING NEW PEOPLE – Your new family member will need to go to dog school to become a “decent citizen”, so you would be bound to meet a lot of new people.

Also, it is impossible to walk with a beautiful golden and not be stopped.

Goldens are simply magnets for humans. Do you have a problem with that? Then, don’t get a golden

  1. LOOK FOR A GUARD DOG – Goldens loves everything and everyone!!! They will be happy to come to help the burglars breaking into the house, and will probably help them take out the silverware! If you are looking for protection, look elsewhere…
  2. YOU THINK DOGS ARE THE PERFECT NANNY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AND A GREAT LESSON IN RESPONSIBILITY FOR OLDER CHILDREN – You are somewhat right. Goldens and children usually bond quickly. Nevertheless, the main burden of responsibility for any living creature must always fall on the adult. Children can take great care of dog fur, train the dog, and also be a dog’s best friend, but they need to be supervised by adults. You must also remember that goldens are big enough, even as puppies, to knock down a small child. Toddlers and dogs should always be supervised when they are together, for the benefit of both!