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10 Reasons To Love Golden Retrievers

10 Reasons To Love Golden Retrievers

If you’re on this site, reading this article, you’re probably already a golden retriever lover.

But in case you know someone that still needs some convincing, or if you just want to remind yourself of all the amazing things golden retrievers do or are, we prepared 10 reasons as to why everyone should be loving these dogs.

Because let’s face it, they are simply the best! These adorable creatures win over anyone who gives them a chance to, and these ten reasons are only ten drops in the ocean.

#1 They are simply beautiful

#2 They are always smiling

#3 They are very fluffy

#4 Ultimate family dog

#5 They always want to cuddle

#6 They are super playful

#7 They love to swim

#8 They are easy to train

#9 They make great therapy dogs

#10 They love to please you