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15 Most Popular America’s Dog Breeds As Puppies

15 Most Popular America’s Dog Breeds As Puppies

Cats VS dogs. It’s an argument that has broken relationships or turned roommates against each other. But all of them would agree that one thing is the cutest: puppies. 

Characteristics like large heads on small bodies, big round eyes, and soft body parts are universally cute. We can all agree that black lab puppies, French bulldogs, and golden retrievers are extremely cute. 

To honor these kings of sweetness, we compiled photos of the 15 most popular American dog breeds as puppies. For good measure, we’ve also included details about what exactly these furbabies are like, from temperament and energy level to obedience.

#1. Labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers traditionally helped fishermen on the docks, and they still love to have a job. They demand a lot of exercise and training because they have a lot of energy. They are loyal, sweet, easy to train, and excellent family dogs.

#2. Golden retriever

This is one of the most common breeds of family dogs. They are known for being great with children and they’re loyal companions who care carefully for their humans. Golden retriever puppies housebreak easily but need a lot of exercises every day and should always be kept on a leash.

#3. French bulldog

Often confused for Boston terriers, French bulldogs are a bit more difficult to train but probably an equal amount of silly. The puppies love to play but to sleep on the couch too. They’re also stubborn and won’t give up until they get their way.

#4. Rottweiler

Many people are afraid of Rottweilers thanks to a bad and incorrect reputation. You need to be sure to train the highly intelligent puppies to avoid aggression and possessiveness. They’re really active animals, and as puppies, they will expect you to endlessly play fetch and wrestle.

#5. Boxer

Another breed with a somewhat smashed face, boxer puppy owners can expect a lot of snoring, snorting, and drooling. They grow to be quite large and need plenty of daily exercises. This breed loves to be around people, so boxer puppies will do well in a home with lots of family members.

#6. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus were bred to be the dogs of royalty in China and specifically meant to be lapdogs. They’re particularly easy to train and they love people.

#7. Bernese mountain dog

As good-natured Bernese Mountain Dogs have a great temperament for families with kids. The puppies are patient, but also have a lot of energy. They love hiking and playing fetch. 

#8. Cane corso

Born and bred as a guard dog, the Cane Corso will likely never welcome other people into your home, even as a puppy. They need to be trained, trained, and trained. The puppies need lots of love so they know who the family members are.

#9. Pug

Aside from having completely adorable smashed faces, pug puppies are also gentle and friendly. They make excellent playmates for young children. They can be difficult to train.

#10. St. Bernard

The ’92 film “Beethoven” offers a pretty accurate portrayal of a St. Bernard puppy: big, happy, mischievous, and slobbery. These giant pups have a penchant for chewing and eating weird things.