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4 Ways Golden Retrievers Choose Their Favorite People

4 Ways Golden Retrievers Choose Their Favorite People

Okay, let’s face it – sometimes your dogs choose other people as their favorite humans.

You had to convince your significant other for months to get a golden retriever and when he arrives – these two became inseparable.

Why does this happen? And how are they choosing their faves?

Here are some answers:

#4 Dogs have a special bond with the first people they socialize with

Dogs have an important socialization period in the first six months of their life. This is the age where puppies’ brains are developing the most. The person who is there during this period can easily become their favored human if their time spent together is filled up with positive memories. Sometimes even the people who resemble the people who were there during the socialization period can become favored.

#3 They love affection and attention

This comes as no surprise. Lots of petting, brushing, massaging can cause a dog to love that person the most. Sometimes they will love the person who plays with them the most. They just love to receive affection, so make sure to give a lot of it.

#2 Positive associations are key

The people that the dog associates with good, positive, warm feelings will be their favorites. Which completely makes sense. Make sure to give your dog treats and not yell or punish them when it’s not necessary.

#1 They love people similar to them

They enjoy to spend time with people who have a personality similar to their. Adventures dogs love adventures people. Easy going dogs love easy going people, and so on.