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5 Signs Your Golden Retriever Misses You While You’re Gone

5 Signs Your Golden Retriever Misses You While You’re Gone

If you have been stuck inside your house with your golden retriever during lockdown, you know how hard it is to get back to reality after you actually have to start leaving them alone for a few hours.

As hard as the separation seems to you, know that it’s actually much harder for them.

Maybe you have been wondering if your dog misses you while you are gone, but how can you actually be sure of that?

Here are five signs proving your dog really misses you while you are out and about.

  1. They cuddle up with your belongings while you’re gone

Dogs have and incredible senses of smell, and your smell is actually one of their favorite scents. When you’re not home, your dog may seek out something extra-scented to remind them of you. That also explains why they love to cuddle up in your dirty sweats and old shoes.

  1. They lean against you as soon as you arrive home

You must be familiar with “the lean”. Dogs lean against humans to get attention or to seek comfort. Your golden retriever comes in for the lean after you get home is saying, “I’m so glad you’re back.”

  1. They follow you around the house for the next hour

You sure know that feeling. In whichever room you go into, your dog has to go as well. After you have been gone for some time, all they want to do is spend every moment in your company.

  1. Seeing you arrive home puts the biggest smile on their face

Is there anything more beautiful than a dog smiling? Your golden retriever greeting you with raised eyebrows, an open mouth, and soft eyes is showing you how happy they are that you’re home!

  1. They get super-excited and filled up with energy when they see you by the door

If your golden is just filled up with energy after you step into your home – know that they are super-excited knowing that you are finally back. They’re so happy to see you, it comes out in a burst of energy. Time for a post-separation play sesh!