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5 Tips To Introduce Your New Kitten To Your Dog

5 Tips To Introduce Your New Kitten To Your Dog

Bringing a new animal home while already having a dog can be quite tricky. It will take some time for your dog to accept the fact that he won’t be the only one with paws walking around the house.

To make that transition easier we prepared five tricks that could help you to get over the awkward initial stage of introducing your new kitten to your dog.

  1. Slowly prepare your dog for the new arrival

Make sure to give your dog lots of attention when you bring home the new cat, so he doesn’t feel left out. Even if your dog has already lived with other animals, a new pet coming into their territory can make them feel intimidated. Make sure to make your dog feel god and extra loved after the new kitten is home.

  1. Give them some space. Literally.

Make sure to prepare some extra space for your new kitten in case your pets don’t hit it off right away. That will provide her with security and will give them some extra time to get to know each other and become friendly.

You may want to keep your kitten completely separate from your dog until it’s had chance to get to know you first.

  1. Let them get used to each other’s scents

It would be ideal if you could make your pets smell each other before meeting face to face. You can do that by switching up blankets or put a towel with their scents on in each other’s bed. That will help that to at least become comfortable with each other’s scent.

  1. Be careful when they first meet

When it’s time for your kitten and dog to meet for the first time, keep your cat in their box and put your dog on a leash. That way you can give them some security until they get a bit more relaxed and comfortable around each other.

  1. Take things slowly

The key to successfully introducing a new kitten to your dog is to take it very slowly. If they are having issues with getting comfortable around each other don’t force it but rather give them some more time to soften up to each other. Keep them in separate rooms and let them spend an hour a day together so they can slowly get to know each other.