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7 Tips to Socialize Your Dog

7 Tips to Socialize Your Dog

Although golden retrievers are known to be socialized and peaceful dogs, there are some that are the opposite. Use these 8 tricks to make sure your dog is a role model for others.

  1. Frequent walks are key

If you often take your dog to places where there are people, noise and events, it will help him get used to people and feel comfortable in such an environment.

It is very important to keep the dog on a short leash. The importance of a short leash is to make the dog feel in control. Walk in different places, so that the dog can smell as much as possible..

  1. Mix It Up

Take your dog to places where he can meet different people, men, women, children of all ages, the elderly so you have no problem if you take him anywhere later. Otherwise, if you get him used to only a few people, he will not know how to behave when he comes in contact with someone like one of those people and that is where the problem arises.

It is important that people who pet your dog do this in places where he can see their hands, such as his chest or chin.

Use treats to reward the dog and let him know that he should behave that way.

  1. Authority Is Important
    We know that for many people it is a problem where to leave the dog when they have to go on a trip. Often a dog gets used only to the person walking it and then when someone else takes it for a walk chaos ensues. Therefore, we advise you to occasionally organize a dog walker or friends to take your dog out and get him used to changing authority.
  2. All on time

A great time for a puppy to socialize is between 3 and 12 weeks of age. Puppies of that age should be exposed to strangers, parks, noise, people wearing a hood or cap, cars, cats, the beach and the different types of surfaces they walk on. After the 18th week of his life, the dog is harder to socialize, but it is not impossible. If you have adopted an older dog, with work and perseverance anything is possible.

  1. Dog Classes

Ask if there is a dog kindergarden in your area or some training that will help your dog a lot. That’s how they meet new dogs and get used to different sizes and looks of dogs.

First make a circle around the park with the dog. Then enter the park and let him meet the other dogs. Initially, hold it on a leash, so if you see that it reacts well, release it. Talk to other owners as well because advice is never enough.

  1. Follow your dog’s behavior

Make sure he has enough interaction with other dogs, but not to be exhausted. Assess how much is enough for your dog to expel excess energy through play.

  1. Always be careful
    You should be very careful when meeting a dog. You need to make sure that both parties are friendly. Dogs often know how to be cunning, approach calmly, and then attack. Track body language, tail, breathing pattern and the way the dog approaches.

Remember, practice makes perfect!