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8 Reasons Why Every Kid Needs A Golden Retriever

8 Reasons Why Every Kid Needs A Golden Retriever

Two of the most adorable things on this earth for sure are kids and golden retriever! But besides being really cute individually, these two also make an even cuter combination!

The gentle nature of golden retrievers makes them the best dog breed to consider getting if you have small kids or are considering having kids in the near future. If you decide to go for a golden retriever, know that your kids safety will be at no risk – because Goldens are more like guardian Angels than dogs, especially when it comes to small babies.

Here are 8 reasons why this is true, and why literally every kid should have at least one golden in their life:

#1 They are gentle giants. Real-life teddy’s, all they want to do is cuddle.

#2 Your kids will love a larger breed that has such a sweet nature. It will make them feel safe at all times.

#3 They will never be alone. Having a golden means having someone to cuddle up to on cold nights and someone to watch your favorite shows with.

#4 Playing outside will become a much better experience after you get a golden! You will feel safer and the exercise will tire both of them out you all of you will get a good night sleep.

#5 The joy your kid will experience with a golden by their side will make their childhood memories so much better. Trust me – it will be so worth it.

#6 Golden retrievers are the best nap buddies anyone could ever ask for!

#7 They will be by your kids side even when they might not like it, because they put their safety before their own.

#8 Last but not least- They give the best kisses!