A Refined Collector: Golden Retriever Shows Off His Sticks

Golden retriever Bruce posing next to his stick collection
Good boy Bruce is a real refined collector

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We, humans, are really not that creative with our hobbies. I mean collecting stamps or coins? Can it get any more boring than that?

But, dogs aren’t like that! No! Dogs are refined collectors.

Collection of sticks

Well, this Golden retriever named Bruce is a refined collector of sticks! The 4-year-old dog loves a good stick and can’t help himself to bring one home when he finds it.

The good boy got a lot of social media attention when his owner Leo posted pictures of him on Reddit! In those pictures, Bruce is proudly showing off his prized possessions.

Golden retriever named Bruce next to his stick collection
Bruce posing next to his collection of sticks (Source: Reddit)

Many people are amazed by Bruce and how proud he is of his collection, but they’re also wondering how did that start?

How it all started

As it usually is with hobbies, it started completely by chance. According to his owner Bruce started his stick collection after a massive snow fell nearby his home and left about 12 inches of snow on the ground.

At the time, he only had one stick and it was his absolute favorite. On one particular evening, he left the stick out in the field. Over the next couple of days, he was in an absolute frenzy every time we went outside, relentlessly searching for his stick.

He would dig like a madman and even bury his head in the snow trying to find it! After a few days of sunshine melted enough of the snow, he finally struck gold while digging and found his precious stick.

From that moment on he never wanted to be stick-less again, so he started the collection!

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