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Adorable Golden Retriever Rescued Her Teddy Bear

Adorable Golden Retriever Rescued Her Teddy Bear

Our Goldens sure can be overly attached to their favorite toys, but this golden retriever girl just found the key to save her teddy from those annoying washing days.

The cute dog nonchalantly walked into the laundry room and after sniffing around for a moment straight went to the washing machine.

The washing machine was open, so the pooch did not waste any time, but instead put her head into it to see if her beloved teddy was in there, and – BINGO! Yes, it was! The dog then continued the rescue, and gently took the toy with her mouth to get it out of the washing machine.

After the mission was successfully completed, she left the washing room feeling pleased with the teddy still being in her mouth.

Watch the adorable footage here: