Are grapes toxic to dogs and if yes why?

A picture of a bowl of grapes in order to anwer are grapes toxic to dogs?
There are many human foods our beloved four legged friends can't eat, but are grapes one of them?

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Almost every dog owner is guilty of sharing human food with their dog. Sometimes we don’t even think about whether or not the human food we’re giving our dogs is actually safe for them. Let’s take grapes for example. This juicy, sweet fruit is very popular, especially in the summer. You’ve probably wondered at some point “are grapes toxic to dogs” while eating some yourself.

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Are grapes toxic to dogs?

The truth is, grapes really are toxic for dogs. Even though grapes are good for our health and contain a fair amount of vitamins K and C, grapes are quite dangerous for your pooch. Now, there isn’t a specific reason why grapes are toxic, but experts believe that the grape itself is the problem. So, usually with some fruits, the problem is the seeds or the peel of the fruit. However, with grapes, it won’t help if they are seedless or peeled. Ingesting grapes or raisins can lead to acute kidney failure in dogs, and even death!

Another problem with grapes is that some breeds, depending on the size, can eat one grape and become severely ill, and others can eat a dozen and nothing will happen.

So how do you know your dog has grape poisoning?

Signs of grape poisoning

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Some of the signs your dog might have a reaction to grapes is severe diarrhea or vomiting. However, there are other signs which are telling you that you need to take your dog in for emergency care:

  • In shock
  • Unable to breathe easily
  • Unconscious
Chart that explains why grapes aren't good for dogs
Eating grapes can mean many health problems and issues for your dog

Besides these, you want to look out for other symptoms like:

  • Exceptionally bad breath
  • Increased thirst
  • An increased amount of urine, or no urine
  • Pain if you touch the abdomen
  • Refusing to eat or drink
  • Seizures or tremors
  • Weakness

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Once you have taken your dog to the veterinarians office he or she will begin with induced vomiting to remove the fruit from your dog’s system. However, there is no specific antidote for exposure to grapes or raisins, all your vet can do is take care of your dog’s kidneys.


To conclude, grapes are highly toxic for dogs. In fact, if you notice your dog might have eaten grapes you should alarm your veterinarian immediately. The good news is that you can actually prevent many of the negative effects of eating grapes or raisins if your dog is treated quickly enough!

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