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Bad Dog Hair Cuts: The Funniest Ones

Bad Dog Hair Cuts: The Funniest Ones
Bad dog hair cuts

We have all been there! Either you have done it yourself during quarantine, or your dog groomer messed up. However it is, at some point of their life, your dogs most likely had bad dog hair cuts. But as bad as they are, you just can’t help yourself but laugh.

That, of course, only applies if your dog did not get accidentally hurt during the hair cut. Those accidents and bad hair cuts also happen, however the risk will be at a minimum if you take your canine to a professional groomer. Here are some tips to find the right one.

However, this article will be much more light-hearted. Let’s all collectively rewind from all of the stress that we experience on an everyday basis and just laugh at these bad dog hair cuts. Enjoy!

When the groomer tries a bit to hard to give your dog the “teddy look”

You see, a teddy bear dog hair cut is usually adorable, however — this groomer went a bit too far. The poor canine looks like his head is way too big for his body! And his tail looks like a palm tree. Definitely not the best hair cut, but absolutely something to laugh at.

Dog owner laughing at the bad dog hair cuts

This dog that looks like he has a corporate job

Even though it’s somehow adorable, this dog still looks like he has a corporate job and works 9 to 5. His name might be Bill. Or James. However, the haircut is hilarious. That why you should think twice before deciding to cut your dog’s bangs yourself. The end results could look a lot like this.

Dog with straight cut bangs

Sponge Bob square head

It seems as if the inspiration for the groomer of this dog was Sponge Bob, because that square head looks just like his. This is definitely another example as to why professional groomers are needed. Harsh lines and geometrical shapes aren’t the way you want your dog’s head to look.

Dog owner looking at his square shaped dog hairstyle thinking it’s one of the bad dog hair cuts

This unknowing pup with a mohawk

At first we were unsure what this hairstyle is. But after long inspection we believe that it’s in fact a mohawk. In the first photo you can see this adorable dog looking unsuspecting of his new hairstyle. And after there he is — looking like a modern canine punk. What do you think of mohawks? In some rare cases, dogs can even have them naturally. Like this adorable golden retriever.

Adorable dog showing off his mohawk

This poor dog that doesn’t like her bad dog hair cut either

Taking your dog to a professional groomer that knows how to work with your dog’s breed is important. And this is the perfect example. This poor pup got completely transformed into something she most likely didn’t want to look like.

Dog looking scared after coming from the groomer