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Bean Bag Dog Beds: Why They Are Good For Dogs?

Bean Bag Dog Beds: Why They Are Good For Dogs?
Bean Bag Dog Beds

What Are Bean Bag Dog Beds?

Bean Bag Dog Beds are basically sealed bags filled with PVC pellets, dried beans, expanded polypropylene, polystyrene. These beds are safe and very comfortable, thus promoting healthy sleeping patterns in dogs. 

Why Is REM Sleep So Important For Dogs?

Dogs sleep or nap most of the day. Of course, the amount of sleep differs based on the dog’s size, breed, age, personality, etc. Most dogs sleep or nap around 14 hours a day. 

However, more important than the amount of sleep is the quality of your dog’s sleep. Dog sleeping pattern is different than ours, but they still need a certain amount of REM sleep every day, just like we do.

REM sleep is extremely important for dogs because it helps them eliminate stress hormones cortisone and adrenaline. Dogs that don’t have enough REM sleep will be more nervous and aggressive, unable to control their natural instincts.

As we have already said, a bean bag dog bed promotes healthy sleeping patterns in dogs, thus enabling them to have more REM sleep.

Things To Consider When Buying A Bean Bag Dog Bed

We have gone through what bean bag dog beds are and why they are good for your dog. Now, it’s time to see what makes a great bean bag dog bed.

Not all bean bag dog beds are created equal. Therefore, there are several factors you need to take into consideration when buying a ben bag dog bed for your furry friend.

The Filling

The type of filling is very important for the quality, comfort, and durability of the bean bag dog bed. There are several types of filling. For example, a dog bed can contain a natural filler such as dry rice or seed husks. These are inexpensive and natural options, but dog beds with this type of filling are uncomfortable, lumpy, and sharp. Also, these types of filling absorb moisture and water and have a shorter lifespan.

On the other hand, a bean bag dog bed filled with polystyrene is much more durable and comfortable. The only downside of these bean bag dog beds is the possibility that your dog could eat polystyrene, which is dangerous since dogs can’t digest it.

However, most of these bean bag dog beds are chew and scratch-resistant. 

The Material

If you want the best bean bag dog bed for your furry friend, choose the one made of 600D Nylon or cotton canvas. If you don’t have enough money for this option, you can also check dog beds made of cheaper 420D nylon. 

On the other hand, our advice is to avoid bean bag dog beds that use 420D polyester since this material isn’t comfortable or durable.

Shape And Size

Look for circular, oval shape beds since they are more comfortable than rectangular ones. Also, since oval beds have no corners, they are more resistant to chewing.

The size of a bean bag dog bed is not so important. Basically, just choose a bed that is slightly bigger than your dog, and it will be perfectly fine.