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Bella is the best proof that Golden retrievers are the best breed of dogs for kids

Bella is the best proof that Golden retrievers are the best breed of dogs for kids

We all know how Golden Retrivers are good with children, but from time to time they just amazes us with their kindnes.

Goldies are among most popular dog breeds in the world, and there’s a reason for that. Several reasons, acctually.

One them, definely, is that they are great with kids.

Golden retriever named Bella is perfect example of that.

Bella is the newest member of support staff at the school, and her arrival is the culmination of a year-long campaign by two of its pupils.

It began as an English essay, led Callum Christie (14) and Logan Fenton (15), to investigate the benefits of having a dog in school.

Last yae allum and Logan took their idea to the rector Carol Ann Penrose, before seeking approval from the parent council.

Finally, they delivered a presentation to the school’s 150 staff.

After securing the endorsement of senior leadership, Callum and Logan were joined by the school’s team of wellbeing ambassadors and set about raising the necessary funds.

They cooked staff lunches, held a Christmas fayre and approached local businesses, including the Bruce Charitable Trust, Caring for Cupar, Wilson Vets and J and T Rogers.

They managed to raise an incredible £2500 to fund the initial purchase and set-up costs for Bella, and are planning events to raise money for her upkeep over the coming years.

Ms Penrose is delighted to welcome the new recruit, adding: “These Bell Baxter pupils embody our school values of togetherness, curiosity and excellence and I am extremely proud of what they have achieved together.”