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Bernese Mountain Dog: Complete Breed Info

Bernese Mountain Dog: Complete Breed Info
Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a powerful, large dog and incredibly sturdy worker from Switzerland. These dogs can pull carts, herd cattle and protect them from predators. Berners are also gentle and affectionate. 

Bernese Mountain Dog: Breed Info


Berners’ origins are from the mountainous regions of Switzerland. These dogs herd cattle and protect them from predators, but they have also worked hard. Berners are known worldwide due to their ability to pull many time their weight. 

Berners played a crucial role in the two most important Switzerland’s products: cheese and chocolate.

Unfortunately, with the increasing mechanization, Berners was redundant. As a consequence, their numbers dwindled and the overall quality of the breed was poor. 

However, things changed when Profesor Albert Heim stepped in to save and improve the breed. After a short time, Berners was once again one of the favorite dog breeds.

Bernese Mountain Dog arrived in the USA in 1926, when a farmer from Kansas brought a pair of Berners to work on a farm. The first Bernese Mountain Dog was AKC registered in 1937.

Physical Characteristics

Berners are strong, large, sturdy, and powerful dogs. 


Male Berners stand at 25 to 27.5 inches tall and weigh between 80 and 115 pounds. On the other hand, females stand at 23 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 70 and 95 pounds.


Bernese Mountain Dog has a thick double coat. The outer coat is long and dense, while the undercoat is wooly. The coat typically comes in tricolor (jet-black, white, and rust).

Personality & Temperament

Berners are gentle giants of the dogs’ world. They are affectionate, tolerant, calm, and intelligent. Typical Bernese Mountain Dog is protective, but not aggressive. Berners can be shy and reserved around strangers, other dogs, and animals. Therefore, it’s important to work on early socialization and introduce your puppy to new people, dogs, and animals.

Health & Lifespan

Bernese Mountain Dog is a strong and healthy dog. However, due to irresponsible breeding, Berners have a higher risk of developing these health issues:



Bernese Mountain Dog most certainly likes work and physical exercise. One of the Berners’ favorite things is to pull children in a cart. Generally, Berners require at least half an hour of outdoor activity.


As we have already said, Berners have a double coat that protects them from elements. However, due to this coat, Berners shed a lot, especially in the spring and autumn.

Therefore, brush your dog weekly and even daily during shedding season. Also, regularly trim your dog’s nails and wash his teeth daily.


Provide high-quality food that your dog likes and stick with it. Remember, the diet needs to be customized to fit the dog’s needs based on his age, size, physical activity, etc.


Bernese Mountain Dog has two traits that make him easy to train. These are intelligence and eagerness to please. Therefore, training Berners won’t be a big issue. However, these are sensitive dogs and they can get easily hurt, so harsh training methods won’t give you any results. 

Commonly Asked Question

Is Bernese Mountain Dog a good first dog?

Berners are large, powerful, and energetic dogs. Therefore, it will be hard for the first-time owner to handle and control the dog of these dimensions.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs swim?

Yes, Berners can swim, however, they don’t like water.

Are Berners loyal?

Yes, Berners are extremely loyal. Usually, they attach to one person and have a really hard time when switching to a new family.