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Bet you can’t spot the dog in this picture!

Bet you can’t spot the dog in this picture!

Meet Ghost, a Pit Bull, who loves sleeping, playing outside, giving hugs to people — and he also really, really, and we mean REALLY loves sticks!

One day Ghost went with his family out to play in the woods, and he immediately began his hunt for the perfect stick!

Ghost finally found one, but the problem was that it was completely buried in a big pile of leaves. However, Ghost is a very brave dog, so that didn’t stop him. He dove into the pile to get it and ended up completely submerged. 

While he was under there, his mom snapped a photo where you can kind of see him peeking out a bit.

After getting home his family realized it was almost impossible to see Ghost in the “hidden” photo, so they decided to put the internet to the test to see if anyone could actually find him and it went viral! Can you spot Ghost in the picture above?

Out of everyone who tried to find Ghost in the picture, only two or three people actually got it right!