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Born Star: Watch The Golden Retriever Sing

Born Star: Watch The Golden Retriever Sing

Have you ever heard dog “play” piano? No? Have you ever heard one of those fur balls “singing” along with music?

Neither do we. Until now.

The mother of the owner of this dog loves to play a song on the piano, and it suits the dog very well. They are perfect match, and that is with the good reason!

Golden Retriever Oscar decided to howl with Andrea Bocelli’s song “The Prayer”, while his mom is playing it on the piano.

  • He howls only at one part of the song. I decided to share our video with the world because we consider it hilarious – said the dog’s owner.

“This is so cute! Who cares if the piano is in tune, it’s not about the piano. The dog’s singing! Oscar is adorable, love him!”, said one of the coments.

“At the start it honestly sounds like he’s about to accompany the piano with some lovely vocals”, the other one wrote. And we couldn’t agree more.