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Calculate Your Dog’s IQ

Calculate Your Dog’s IQ

 In three simple tests, you can calculate his IQ

If the sum of points is nine, he is a super memo, if he gets between six and eight points, he is smart for a medal. If he earns four or five points, he is average, and if he collects only three or fewer points – he is very cute.

All dogs have three types of intelligence – a willingness to work and obedience, instincts, and adaptability. However, do not take this test too seriously, it is primarily about play and fun.

Willingness to work and obedience depends less on the dog than on the breed to which it belongs, so in this case, by birth, your dog is destined to be more or less obedient. Tests have confirmed that poodles, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers have a very developed intelligence to learn new commands. Check your dog’s IQ through three simple exercises:

1. Wrap the treat in a piece of baking paper.

If the dog unrolls the paper with his paws, give him three points. If he uses his paws and mouth, give him two points. If he can’t unroll the paper but is just playing with the wrapper, give him one point.

This test measures problem-solving.

2. Swipe a towel over your dog’s head.

If he pulls out in less than 15 seconds, give him three points, if he needs 15-30 seconds, two points. If he needs more than 30 seconds, give him one point.

This test measures planning and problem-solving.

3. Place a treat or his favorite toy under one of the three-lined buckets.

Show the dog under which the treat bucket is, then turn it over for 10 seconds before releasing it. If he goes straight to the right bucket, give him three points. If he manages to find a hidden treat from the second attempt, give him two points. If he checks two wrong buckets, give him one point.

This test measures memory.