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Can A Dog Get Tired of Barking?

Can A Dog Get Tired of Barking?
Can Dog Get Tired of Barking

Barking is a form of dogs’ communication. Humans use to talk to express our emotions and let others know what we feel, communicate our intentions, etc. On the other hand, dogs use barking, among other things, to communicate with other dogs. However, barking can sometimes go over the top and become a big problem. In these situations you ask yourself can dog get tired of barking and what to do to stop the barking?

What Does Barking Means?

As we have already said, barking is a form of communication. Dogs bark for many different reasons. 

Some of the most common ones are:

  • Fear
  • Greeting
  • Alarm
  • Warning
  • Aggression
  • Boredom
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stress
  • Communication
  • Attention seeking

Can Dog Get Tired of Barking?

Every dog barks, it’s a normal part of their life and one of the ways they communicate. However, a dog that is barking incessantly can become a big issue for you and your neighbors. 

Separation anxiety and boredom are the two most common causes of incessant barking. If you own a dog that is a barker, you will need to sort that issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk lawsuits and arguments with your neighbors. Your dog won’t get tired of barking, nor will he outgrow barking. If you want to solve this problem, you will need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

How To Stop Excessive Barking In Dogs?

You need to determine the underlying cause of barking behavior before you try to stop it. For example, a dog with separation anxiety will need to learn to stay home alone for longer periods. If your dog is barking because he is bored, you will need to provide enough mental and physical stimulation. For example, play with your dog every day, try to learn new tricks, buy new, interesting toys, etc.

Also, if your dog is a territorial barker, try to take away whatever he is barking at. For example, if a dog is barking at the people passing by your house, close the blinds so he can’t see through the window.

Quiet Command

As we have already said, your dog won’t get tired of barking. It is your responsibility to teach or train your dog to stop the barking. It may seem strange to you, but to teach your dog to be quiet, you first need to teach him to bark on command (“speak”). Once your dog learns to “speak” on command, you can learn the “quiet” command. First, you give the “speak” command, when your dog starts barking give the “quiet” command. Wait for the dog to be silent and after a few seconds reward him with a treat and praise. Repeat this process until the dog reliably follows your commands.