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Can Dogs Cry Tears Of Sadness?

Can Dogs Cry Tears Of Sadness?

If you’ve been a dog owner for long enough, you know how emotional they are. But do they show their emotions the same way we do? And can dogs cry actual tears of sadness? It seems as if that’s believed amongst a lot of dog owners. In this article we will explain dog tears and different ways that dogs show emotions.

Can dogs cry actual tears of sadness?

We know that dogs do cry, but the truth is that their tears aren’t a product of sadness or negative emotions. Dogs do have tear ducts and are able to produce tears. But in dogs, tears have a practical purpose. Not an emotional. Tears just help lubricate their eyes and keep them healthy.

How do they show emotions?

Crying isn’t the only way to show emotions. Dogs just have a different way of showing they are sad or touched.

Instead of crying, dogs will start whining. Dogs whine when they are sad, need attention or are feeling distressed. Dogs start whining very early on in their life. Puppies start whining whenever they need some extra attention from their mother. Because their vision isn’t their primary sense, dogs are relying much more on their hearing.

When a puppy starts whining, his mother will know where to find the pup, even if it’s out of her sight.

If your dog is whining constantly, there might be something more serious wrong with him. Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs can get depressed too. However, we can’t ask them how they are feeling. Therefore, we need to be on the lookout for symptoms that could help us diagnose them.

Golden retriever eye with tear
While dogs don’t cry from sadness, there are plenty of other reasons dogs could have tears coming down their face.

Lookout for signs such as:

  1. Decreased appetite
  2. Insomnia
  3. Laziness and unwillingness to move
  4. Not participating in things they used to enjoy
  5. Becoming withdrawn

Now we know that dogs don’t cry from sadness or any other emotions. But, dogs do sometimes have tears leak out of their eyes.

It not from sadness, what’s the reason dogs cry?

The abnormal overflow of tears in dogs is also known as epiphora. It isn’t s disease or condition, but instead a symptom that’s telling us that there’s something else going on.

Different conditions could lead to epiphora in dogs. The most common one being allergies. Some other ones are rhinitis, conjunctivitis, blocked tear ducts, eye infections, glaucoma…

One common reason could also be your dog having a foreign body in its eye. Such as dirt or dust. There are also some dog breeds that are more prone than others to shedding tears.

Always make sure that the discharge coming from your dog’s eyes is clear and watery. If it’s a weird color or consistency, it could also be a sign of something else.

Look out for discharge that’s yellowish or greenish, bloody, or thick like mucus.