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Can dogs drink beer with us?

Can dogs drink beer with us?
can dogs drink beer

Simply, there is no better feeling than drinking a cold beer during the summer days. Beer refreshes and cools us. The only thing that can brighten up that moment is drinking beer with someone. And have you ever wondered if you can have a beer with your furry friend? What do you think, can dogs drink beer?

Can dogs drink beer?

Simply, they can’t! Beer, just like a wine, is at the top of the list of things that people consume and can be dangerous to dogs. Above all, alcohol, including beer, can lead to the death of a dog. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can lead a dog to a serious condition and death.

Ethanol can create poisoning and thus stop certain processes in the dog’s body. Although dogs have a very similar body structure as humans, their body is not tolerant to alcohol.

The dog drank alcohol!

If the dog has licked spilled alcohol from the floor or drunk a little more, he may be drunk. A dog can be unstable, and slow, just like a human. Also, a disorientation can be a symptom. If you notice that your dog has come in contact with alcohol, firstly call your veterinarian. Depending on the quantity, he will tell you to follow the dog or bring him for an examination immediately.

Dog poisoning

The main symptoms of alcohol poisoning in dogs are fever, disorientation, slowness, drowsiness, vomiting, … Dehydration can also be a symptom of poisoning. As we have already stated, be sure to inform your veterinarian. It doesn’t have to mean that your dog will die but there is a certain chance of it. For that reason, it is best to contact a veterinarian who will tell you what you need to do.

Red dog beer

If you’ve heard the name Red dog beer, you’ve probably thought it’s a dog beer. In addition to the name, the logo of this drink is associated with the fact that it is intended for a dog. However, this is not a beer for dogs. This beer is a beer for people just like many others. It contains 4.8% alcohol and this tells you how dangerous it can be for a dog.

Busch dog beer

dog beer

Busch recently launched beer for dogs. The beer “Dog brew” contains the ingredients which are safe for the dog. It is made with vegetables, herbs, water, spices, and pork broth. It helps the dog to have better digestion and to take nutrients into the body.


To conclude, dogs can’t drink alcohol. Beer can cause poisoning and even death. Be careful and don’t let your dog to drink or even lick alcohol. If that happens you must call your vet.