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Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? All You Need To Know

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? All You Need To Know
Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper

Black pepper is actually a cooked and dried-out version of flowering vine fruit called peppercorn. Humans have used black pepper for thousands of years as a spice and as natural medicine. Black pepper has many benefits for humans, it relieves cold, cough, improves skin, stimulates digestion, promotes weight loss, and has anti-cancerogenic properties. According to the USDA, black pepper contains moderate amounts of manganese, vitamin K, iron, and dietary fiber in traces. Therefore, it has seen use in folk medicine across the world. However, black pepper together with salt is best known as an inevitable ingredient in every kitchen. Yes, black pepper is a great, healthy addition to our food, but what about our furry friends. Can dogs eat black pepper?

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper?

Black pepper contains piperine. This is an alkaloid that is responsible for the pungent flavor of black pepper. Piperin is not toxic to dogs, nor will it cause serious health issues in dogs if ingested in small quantities. However, it is an irritant that affects the dog’s stomach lining and sense of smell. Black pepper offers no real benefits to dogs, and it’s completely unjustified to feed your dog black pepper. Your dog won’t suffer if you offer him food that was lightly seasoned with black pepper. However, dogs really don’t like the pungency and aroma of black pepper and may reject food.

What Happens If Dog Eat Substantial Amount Of Black Pepper?

Well, this is really rare since dogs will naturally sense that black pepper is not the food for them due to its pungent aroma. Black pepper is highly irritating to a dog’s sense of smell and should naturally discourage them from ingesting it. In fact, we often use black pepper to deter dogs from chewing.

However, if somehow your dog still decides to eat large amounts of black pepper, you can expect serious health issues. Piperin in black pepper acts as an irritant to a dog’s digestive and respiratory system. These are the most common health issues black pepper causes in dogs:


The black pepper creates irritation of the colonic and rectal mucosa in dogs. This irritation leads to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.


Bronchitis is the infection and swelling of air passages that allow air to pass through the lungs. These air passages are called bronchial tubes. Black pepper in larger amounts will cause bronchitis-like symptoms in dogs. Therefore, you should be very careful if giving your dog black pepper.

Respiratory issues

A dog can suffer from respiratory issues just by smelling black pepper. If the dog inhales excessively, this can cause deprivation of oxygen and lead to hypoxia. Hypoxia is a condition characterized by the lack of oxygen, and it can lead to several serious health complications and even cause choking and death in some severe cases.


If your dog ingests a large amount of black pepper, this will cause diarrhea. Piperin inside black pepper will cause irritation to the dog’s digestive system, which will eventually lead to diarrhea and cause other serious health issues.


Dogs can eat small amounts of black pepper. However, it’s not justified to give your dog black pepper, since it doesn’t offer any benefit, and dogs hate its pungency and aroma. Black pepper contains piperine, an alkaloid that irritates a dog’s sense of smell and digestive system. In fact, dog owners usually use black pepper as a deterrent if they want to prevent their dog from chewing or eating undesirable objects.

People Also Ask

Can black pepper kill my dog?

Black pepper has a pungent aroma that irritates dogs. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that dogs will eat a large amount of black pepper. However, if the dog somehow eats a large amount of black pepper, there is a possibility of the dog dying due to hypoxia and choking.

Can dogs eat black pepper?

Yes, dogs can eat small amounts of black pepper. However, just because your dog can eat something, doesn’t mean that you should give him that food. Black pepper contains a compound that irritates a dog’s sense of smell and digestive system. Also, black pepper offers no real benefits to the dog and most dogs will reject it or move away from it.