Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells?

Dog with an egg shell in his mouth while his owner wonders can dogs eat egg shells

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Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Katy Baker

We already know that dogs can eat eggs (unless they are raw). But can dogs eat egg shells too?
Or can egg shells be a possible danger?

Well, the amswer is — it depends!

Here’s everything you need to know about eggshells and if they are dangerous for dogs.

Can dogs eat egg shells?

If your dog loves to wander around nature, he might come across a bird’s nest. Evidently, we can’t control what our dogs do every moment of the day, and this is one of those moments where your dog’s instincts will kick in. Therefore he will most likely gobble up the legs, with shells and everything. What to do in those moments? While you feel completely terrible for the mama bird who just lost the eggs she was taking care of, you know also have to wonder if your dog is in danger. Can the shells possibly puncture his intestines? Or is there need to worry?

Well, first of all — there is more or less no reason to panic! At least not out of concern for your dog’s health. Their sharp teeth and strong jaws break down the shells pretty good. However, the stomach juices pretty much won’t digest the shells any further. Therefore you are very likely to see some parts of it in your dog’s poop.

So while dogs can eat egg shells, they pretty much don’t get any nutrients from them. At least not from their natural form.

However, there are ways for your dog to get all of that calcium and magnesium that is hidden in those shells. Grind them into powder!

Use only the shells of cooked eggs for this method. Just collect them after cleaning hard boiled eggs, putt them in your blender — and there you have it! A nutritious powder full with minerals that you can easily add to your dog’s usual meals.

When prepared this way, egg shells are an amazing way to support the mineral intake of your dog’s daily diet. It’s cheap, effective and yummy.


While egg shells are safe for your dog to consume, there isn’t too much benefit to them in their natural form. If you want for your dog to get the nutrients from it, you have to make those egg shells into a powder.

Egg shells are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. But your dog can only fully absorb them when the egg shells are broken down. These minerals support your dog’s bones, teeth and overall health.

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