Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? Are They Safe?

Gol retriever puppy next to two hot dogs Wondering can dogs eat hot dogs?

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We know that dogs love to have a bite of our favorite junk food. But what about hot dogs? Can dogs eat hot dogs or should we avoid giving them any the next time that we are indulging in this comfort food.

Truth is that many ingredients found in hot dogs can be toxic for dogs. Such as monosodium glutamate sugars and artificial sweeteners. Besides this, many hotdogs also contain different spices and herbs. Often even garlic and onions which are highly toxic for dogs. That why it’s important to always read the food labels.

But what might be the biggest problem is that hot dogs are so rich in sodium. The average hot dog contains more than 500 mg of sodium. That’s more than 300 mg more than how much sodium a dog needs per day. Too much sodium can lead to dehydration, high blood pressure and other diseases associated with these conditions.

My dog ate a hot dog! What should I do?

If you unknowingly give your dog a hot dog, or he sneakily steals one himself, don’t panic! One hot dog every once in a while won’t do any type of harm to your canine friend. He might feel some intestinal discomfort and develop symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea, but he should be fine in a day or two. If the symptoms persist for longer than that, definitely contact your vet and schedule an appointment.

Also make sure that there is plenty of water available for your dog. The sodium from the hot dog could lead to dehydration and your dog will be on the lookout for a refreshment. Salt makes dogs thirsty just like it makes us.

Alternatives for hot dogs that dogs can eat

Even though classical hot dogs aren’t the best choice for your dogs, there are still plenty of alternatives that you could be giving to your pup.

If you’re at a barbecue and your dog is looking at you desperate to get a bite of your hot dog, give him some plain beef or chicken. It will still do the trick and your dog won’t ingest high levels of sodium and spices. That way you know exactly what your dog is eating, and you don’t have to worry if he consumed too much sodium.

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