Can dogs eat tangerines? What you should know

A picture of tangerines in order to anwer the question can dogs eat tangerines
Tangerines are very popular among humans because they are sweet and healthy! But, are tangerines safe for dogs?

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Tangerines are a delicious citrus fruit. They are sweet but still healthy, so they make a great snack for everyone. But what about dogs? Can dogs eat tangerines? Are tangerines even safe for dogs, or should you never let your dog try one?

Well, generally speaking, tangerines are very healthy, full of vitamin C, folate, beta-carotene, potassium, and other nutrients! However, they are also full of sugar, so do tangerines make a good treat for dogs?

Can dogs eat tangerines?

As a dog owner you should always do your research before giving any human food to your dog. You never know what could be potentially dangerous for your dog and its health. Let’s take grapes for example. Grapes are amazing for humans, however, the vitamin K that can be found in grapes is very bad, and even poisonous for dogs!

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Tangerines, as mentioned above, are sweet, healthy, and full of great nutrients. The best part is, tangerines are actually safe for your dog to eat! That is if eaten in moderation (but this goes for almost all human foods!). So the answer to the question can dogs eat tangerines is yes! Dogs can eat tangerines!

What you need to take into consideration is that you shouldn’t give more than two or three pieces of tangerine to your dog.

The benefits of tangerines

As mentioned above, tangerines are very healthy. They are full of vitamin C, folate, beta-carotene, potassium, and other nutrients that are all great for your four-legged best friends! Tangerines also have a high water content, which makes them a healthier alternative to some treats you might be giving your dog.

Why tangerines aren’t necessary

A dog eating tangerines.
You should never feed your dog more than two or three pieces of tangerine to your dog!

I don’t want to be *that* person, but I do have to tell you that your dog actually doesn’t need fruits, or in this case tangerines to be healthy. Yes, it’s a fact that tangerines aren’t dangerous to dogs and generally speaking they are healthy.

However, the thing is that vitamin C in tangerines, well your dog makes its own. Dogs create their own vitamin C and as such supplements of any kind are rarely needed! Then the water content, you can solve this problem by always having fresh water in your dog’s bowl.

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And what I said about treats, fruits and vegetables aren’t the only healthy treats for dogs! There are so many great healthy, high-quality treats you can buy your dog.

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Tangerines aren’t that great

Tangerines are full of sugar and so high in calories! All that sugar in tangerines can actually be very dangerous for your dog. They can cause insulin spikes, as well as potential digestion problems from the rind and seeds if there are any! Besides this, heart disease and diabetes are also genuine concerns for dogs who are regularly fed high-sugar foods.


If you’ve been wondering can dogs eat tangerines, the answer is yes. Tangerines are safe for dogs. However, that doesn’t mean your dog should eat tangerines. There is absolutely no reason why you should incorporate tangerines into your dog’s diet. All those vitamins and nutrients that a tangerine has, your dog doesn’t need them! So think twice before you give your dog any human foods, not only tangerines.

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