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Can dogs get fevers? Signs your dog has a fever

Can dogs get fevers? Signs your dog has a fever

With humans it’s easy to know when they’re not feeling well – they’ll tell us! However, with dogs, it’s not that simple. Our dogs do communicate, however they can’t speak so they can directly tell us what’s bothering them. One health issue dog owners struggle to recognize is fever. There’s the question can dogs get fevers? If yes, what are the signs and symptoms we need to look out for? Truth be told, fevers are one of those health issues that might not be so noticeable and where it would definitely help if our dogs could speak.

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Dog owners need to pay attention to their dog’s behavior in order to spot early signs of illnesses and in this case fevers. That’s why we’re going to take a look at all the signs that point to the fact your dog has a fever.

Can dogs get fevers?

First, let’s answer the question can dogs get fevers? Yes, dogs can indeed get fevers. However, the old method that a lot of people rely on to see if their dog has a fever: “Feel his nose. If it’s wet and cold, he’s fine. If it’s hot and dry, he probably has a fever.” might not be reliable. That’s why we made a list of symptoms that might mean your dog has a fever and you should definitely step in.

1. Their eyes are red

Signs your dog has a fever - Red eyes
Red eyes are a sign your dog has a fever!

If you notice that your dog has red eyes it could be because of a fever. If your pet doesn’t have other symptoms listed here, redness could also be caused by irritation, infection, allergies, pink-eye or influenza/distemper. It’s best to visit a vet to be sure.

2. Lethargy

If you notice that your pet seems tired and generally lethargic, this could be because of a fever. Also, keep in mind that lethargy is just one potential symptom of a feverish pet but can also be a symptom of another illness or medical condition.

3. Nasal discharge

If you notice your dog had nasal discharge set up an appointment with your veterinarian. Even though nasal discharge is a potential symptom of a fever, however it can also be cause by other things. Other reasons could include allergies irritation, kennel cough or a more serious illness like cancer. That’s why it’s necessary for your dog to see a vet.

4. Vomiting

Can dogs get fevers - Dog vomiting is a sign of fever
A dog vomiting can be a sign of fever

Fever and vomiting usually go hand in hand. If your dog is vomiting please check for a fever and work with your vet to determine what is causing the vomiting. They will make sure your dog stays hydrated and gets the needed nutrition if they have been vomiting.

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In conclusion, there are several symptoms that indicate your dog has a fever. All of these symptoms are a sign that something is wrong with your dog. However to be sure your dog really has a fever you will have to take your dog’s temperature. The most accurate way to take your dog’s temperature is to use a rectal thermometer. If you’re not comfortable with doing this please visit your dog’s veterinarian!