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Can humans eat dog food?

Can humans eat dog food?

Have you ever wondered how your dog’s food tastes like? I think we all had that thought at dome point while feeding our dogs. But can humans eat dog food? Now hear me out, I know it’s a weird question, like why would you eat dog food, I get it.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know, hypothetically speaking of course, whether humans can eat dog food? Let’s be honest dog food is more nutritious than the food some people consume. So, I did a little research on this topic, and I must say what I found out actually surprised me a lot!

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Let’s answer the weirdest question of all “Can humans eat dog food?”.

Can humans eat dog food?

I will be straightforward, humans should not eat dog food! Besides this, dog food doesn’t even go through the same testing or production standards as human food. So please, don’t take this article as an invite to eat a bowl of your dog’s food like it’s cereal.

With that being said, it won’t harm you if you eat small amounts of dog food. So you could say that humans technically can eat dog food. But this doesn’t mean they should, for several reasons.

1. Dog food ingredients

Dog food is made of animal byproducts, so scraps of meat, ground bones, skin, organs, and damaged animal parts, which aren’t meant for human consumption. In order for your dog to have a nutritional and balanced diet dog food also contains grains, soybeans, vitamins, and minerals.

None of the ingredients in dog food are dangerous for humans as long as they’ve been cooked, processed, and stored properly. However, apparently, there are certain vitamins in dog food that aren’t good for humans. Some types of dog food contain Vitamin K. This vitamin isn’t dangerous for dogs, it’s perfectly safe actually. If consumed in high doses, Vitamin K can, according to multiple pieces of research, be toxic to humans.

2. Nutritional needs

It’s needles to say that humans and dogs have different nutritional needs, and dog food doesn’t contain all the nutrients the human body needs. For example, dog food doesn’t contain vitamin C, which is very important for humans! Without it our immune system can’t function. So consuming dog food for longer periods of time means that your body will be lacking important nutrients it needs to be healthy.

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3. Foodborne illness

There are different types of dog foods, however, all of them could be contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick. So, just because you can eat dog food, doesn’t mean you should. There is even dog food that is still raw, and as you know we humans should never eat raw meat.

Canned dog food in a bowl
Dog food can be contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick

But even if you’re thinking about eating kibble or canned food, you should still be aware that it still can make you sick. There is still the possibility that it got contaminated with bacteria in the production, which could lead to foodborne illnesses in humans. Check the Food and Drug Administration website to find the safest dog food.

4. “Made with Human-Grade Ingredients”

We also need to make clear that “Made with Human-Grade Ingredients” that the actual, finished product is human-grade and completely safe for us. We have human food regulations and feed-grade product regulations, aka regulations for animal food.

So, when we take a carrot for example. Originally this carrot is human-grade food, however, this carrot will be processed in accordance with regulations for feed-grade products, not according to human-grade. So the term “human-grade” can no longer legally be used because that carrot is now feed-grade.

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Dog food is not intended for human consumption! Simply because it doesn’t go through all the testing human food does. It’s not 100 per cent safe. Besides this, it doesn’t contain all the nutrients humans need to stay healthy, like vitamin C. Some kinds of dog food even contain harmful vitamins, which are safe for dogs, but bad for us humans! Generally speaking small amounts of dog food won’t harm or kill you, but let’s be honest here, why would you even opt for dog food?