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Can I Give My Dog Pizza?

Can I Give My Dog Pizza?

If pizza is your favorite treat and you know just how amazing it tastes, you might sometimes feel the need to give it to your dog as well. But is that really safe, considering it contains dairy and also spices?

Well, the painful truth is that you really shouldn’t give your dog any pizza at all if you want to keep their health as good as possible. Even if you only give them the crust, it can still be harmful to them.

The problem is that a lot of pizzas contain garlic and onions, ingredients that should never be fed to your dog. It can upset their stomach and cause anemia.

Also the high sodium content can also cause high blood pressure in dogs, but also vomiting, diarrhea and heart disease. Most dogs are also lactose intolerant, and cheese could trigger very uncomfortable diarrhea.

The processed meat often used as pizza toping is also very dangerous for dogs as it contributes to a higher risk of cancer.