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Can My Dog Get Jealous?

Can My Dog Get Jealous?

To be human is to feel jealous form time to time, and anyone who says that they never feel jealous are simply lying!

But if you’re a crazy dog person you for sure have also noticed some jealousy traits in your pup, so one question remains – can our dogs really get jealous!

Long story short – they most definitely can! But dog jealousy isn’t the same thing as human jealousy.

Just like our dogs can feel other emotions like love or sadness, they can feel jealousy as well. If you ever notice your dog acting jealous make sure to give them some extra attention. Approach your dog with love and compassion.

Dog jealousy isn’t as complex as the jealousy that humans feel. Dogs don’t pay attention to similarity or equality. Their feelings of jealousy don’t come from a feeling of unfairness.

Their jealousy comes from simply feeling like a second choice in one moment, even if you worshiped them the moment before. For example, your dog will get completely mad after you display affection to anything or anyone except for them, even if it’s just a toy, for example. You will notice instant jealousy in there expression and behavior. Whether your beloved friend will snap that thing or he will push or touch you to get your attention or snatch your attention from that particular thing.

So you need to take this into consideration the next time your noticing jealousy in your dog. Don’t make them feel left out and reassure your dog that they are your number one.