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Can My Golden Retriever Eat Eggs?

Can My Golden Retriever Eat Eggs?

Many people are feeding their dogs eggs thinking it’s a great source of protein and iron. But is it actually healthy for our dogs?

Even though eggs really are high in protein and contain a lot of iron, amino acids and fatty acids, there are still a few reasons as to why you should be careful when feeding your dog eggs.

First of all, always make sure to talk to your vet about it. Some dogs absolutely love eggs and they sometimes even help them settle an upset tummy, but for others it can be different. While eggs are generally safe for most dogs, overfeeding your dog can still result in obesity and other health problems.

But how about raw eggs? Are they okay for dogs? Well, there are two main problems when it comes to raw eggs that you should definitely be aware of:

Salmonella. Just like we are at risk of contracting Salmonella, our dogs are too! Raw eggs are always risky, and if you want to be safe and avoid the risk of catching it – better don’t feed your dog raw eggs.

Biotin Deficiency. Prolonged feeding of raw eggs can lead to a biotin deficiency. Egg whites contain an enzyme that prevents absorption of biotin into the body. Biotin is a vitamin that supports healthy skin, digestion, metabolism, and the normal function of cells.

Even though these side effects are quite rare, most vets will recommend cooking the eggs before feeding them to your dogs!