Can You Give A Dog Tums?

Golden retriever next to a bottle of tums while his owner wonders can you give a dog tums

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If your dog is suffering from stomach aches, you might consider grabbing some over-the-counter medications to help him. However, which ones are safe for dogs? Can you give a dog tums?

The short answer is – It depends. While a small dosage of tums won’t do any harm to dogs, some side effects are still possible. While tums can give your dog some temporary relief, you still need to follow your vet’s guidelines.

Additionally, tums won’t help your dog in the long run. If your dog is suffering from some serious intestinal upset, he will need an according treatment.

What are Tums used for?

Tums are usually treat only mild conditions of stomach upset, like heartburn or diarrhea. The active ingrown is calcium carbonate, which will reduce excess stomach acid.

While tums can help some dogs to reduce the symptoms of an upset stomach, repeated exposure can lead to some serious health issues.

What are the possible side effects of Tums in canines?

If Tums are given in the right dosage and only in rare occasions, the side effects are mostly minimal.

However, given in high concentrations during s short period of time, this medication can lead to conditions such as constipation.

Repeated use of Tums can also lead to kidney disease, urinary stones, pancreatitis, and other conditions in dogs.

Some dogs can also show side effects as a result of the artificial sweeteners or dyes that are found in Tums.

If, however, your dog eats a larger amount Tums behind your back, you will have to contact the vet immediately! Even though an overdose is very rare, it can still cause sickness, constipation or other intestinal symptoms.

Observe your dog and wait to see if he will develop any strange symptoms. If you notice anything unusual, take him for an emergency check up.

What is the right dosage for Tums? How many Tums can I give to my dog?

This widely depends on the size of your dog. The larger the dog the higher the concentration will have to be. The best possible option is to discuss the dosage with your vet before giving any Tums to your dog at all.

The typical dosages for Tums are:

Small dogs — 1250 mg over 24 hours
Medium dogs — 2 grams to 4 grams over 24 hours
Big dogs — 4 grams to 6 grams over 24 hours
Giant dogs — 6 to 10 grams over 24 hours

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