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Can Your Golden Retriever Get Car Sick?

Can Your Golden Retriever Get Car Sick?

Everyone has at least once in their life experienced car sickness. Either you wanted to throw up, or even threw up, we know how uncomfortable it can feel.

But can our dogs experience car sickness as well?

Here’s the answer:

What can cause car sickness?

There are two leading causes of car sickness: motion sickness and travel anxiety. In order to help them, you need to identify what the cause is.

How does motion sickness occur?

Motion sickness can occur in any moving vehicle.
It happens as a result of signals your dog’s brain receives from his eyes, inner ears, muscles, and joints, not correlating with one another. His inner ear, for example, senses that he’s moving, but his eyes see the back of the front seat as stationary.

How to identify motion sickness?

Some signs of motion sickness include vomiting, whining m, lip licking, pacing and swallowing.

What about travel anxiety?

Anxiety often occurs when your dog associates car rides with unpleasant or traumatic experiences. Like if he only goes on car rides when going to the vet.

How can I treat the causes of car sickness?

If your golden retriever shows symptoms of motion sickness you can pull over and take him for a quick walk. Fresh air can help him get better. Also make sure he drinks some water.

You can also help him with some medications, but make sure your vet checks him up first and recommends the medication he can have.

The most common ones are: Boning, Dramamine, Benadryl. Even some ginger can help him feel better.