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Carhartt Dog Bed Review

Carhartt Dog Bed Review
Carhartt Dog Bed

When you think of Carhartt, you think of high-quality work clothes such as vests, coats, jackets, jeans, etc. However, Carhartt also makes dog gear. Today we will review the Carhartt dog bed.

Carhartt Dog Bed Review

Carhartt is one of those outdoor companies that saw the potential and came into the dog space. Today, Carhartt has several products developed specifically for dogs. 

For example, you can now buy a Carhartt dog leash, collar, safety vest, and dog bed. 

Carhartt has the same approach to the production and quality of pet gear as they have towards work and safety clothes. The same technology and engineers that were responsible for the development of world-famous work clothes were responsible for the development of pet gear.

Therefore, you can expect that the Carhartt dog bed is of the highest quality. 

In fact, the Carhartt dog bed is made of the same durable duck cotton as their famous work clothes. 

Being an outdoor company, Carhartt made its dog beds to endure and withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It’s safe to say that the Carhartt dog beds suit both the needs of a hunting dog as well as those of a house dog. 

This dog bed comes in two colors, the well-known Carhartt color for work clothes and the camo combination. The cover is machine washable, just unzip it and throw it in to wash. 

The quality of manufacture and attention to details and quality of the final product are really outstanding. On one hand, the bed is sturdy and durable enough to endure harsh conditions in the field. On the other hand, it’s still comfortable and cozy to become your dog’s favorite spot in the house.

Finding possible cons of the Carhartt dog beds is actually quite difficult. However, if I have to name two it would be a bit higher price, and that it doesn’t hold up well to power chewers or teething puppies. 

People Also Ask

Are Carhartt dog beds chew proof?

No dog bed is completely chew-proof and indestructible. While the Carhartt dog beds are made of durable, high-quality duck cotton fabric, they still can’t survive a power chewer. 

Can you wash the inside of the Carhartt dog beds?

Yes, this dog bed has a removable cover, so you can wash the inside of the bed.