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Cleaning Golden Retriever’s Ears: 8 Easy Steps & Tips

Cleaning Golden Retriever’s Ears: 8 Easy Steps & Tips
Cleaning Golden Retriever's Ears

It’s not surprising that Golden Retrievers are world’s most beloved breed. Their playfulness, goofiness and incredible loyalty to their owners make them the perfect pet for most people.
Unfortunately, Goldens as a breed are very susceptible to certain diseases and health issues. One of such issues is sensitive ear health, that’s why its important to put enough emphasis on cleaning your Golden Retriever’s ears.

Shape and size of Golden’s ears make them prone to clogging and infection. Large surface and curvature of their ears means they will catch all sort of debris and dirt. Also, Golden’s absolutely love water, and that in turn means excessive moisture inside their ear canal.

As we all know bacteria needs water for their growth, and moisture inside an ear is a perfect substrate for development of infection.

You must be aware that neglecting your Golden’s ear hygiene can lead to serious health issues. So, it is important to know when you need to clear your dog’s ears and how to do it.

So How To Differentiate Clean Ear From A Dirty One?

If your Golden Retriever’s ear doesn’t have stinky smell, visible dirt, excessive hair or some kind of inflammation that means it’s a clean and healthy ear. Of course whenever you notice some changes in the above mentioned states you need to clean your pooch’s ear.

Another indicator of clogged up ears can be your dog shaking his head more frequently than usual or scratching its ear with paws.

Golden Retriever Ear Care: Maintaining Healthy Ears And Preventing Infections

If you want to be sure that your dogs ears are clean and in perfect condition you need to check them daily. You only need couple of minutes to do this, but it will provide you with valuable information about their health.

Another good practice to keep optimal ear health of your dog is to set up cleaning schedule. You can clean your dog’s ears once every week for example. Of course you can adapt and adjust this cleaning cycle to your dog’s lifestyle.

Some dogs may spend more time playing outside in the dirt and thus need more frequent ear cleaning. On the other hand some spend more times indoors or in some less “polluted” environment, so the cleaning time interval can be longer.

As we mentioned before moisture is needed for bacteria growth, so it’s preferable that you dry your Golden Retriever’s ears after activities like swimming or walking in the rain.

Cleaning Golden Retriever's Ears

Cleaning Your Golden Retriever’s Ears: Steps And Tips

Ideally your dog should be in a calm state when you start the process of ear cleaning as it will be more lenient and easier to control.

Below are the steps for cleaning Golden Retrievers ears

1.Prepare all necessary tools and supplies

  • cleaning solution or ear wipes
  • cotton balls
  • towel
  • treats

2. Sit behind your dog

3. Lift the ear flap

4. Pour the cleaning solution inside your dog’s ear canal

5. Slowly massage bottom of the ear for half a minute

6. Your dog will probably start shaking its head, use the towel to prevent big mess in your room

7. Use cotton balls to clear visible areas of ear canal

8. And of course award your dog with treats

Now, repeat the same process for the other ear.

Few Tips For Golden Retriever’s Ear Cleaning

If your dog doesn’t take well cleaning his ears with cleaning solution, you can use ear wipes instead. Some dogs will run when you pour cleaning solution in their ear, and some will run at the mere sight of cleaning vial. Ear wipes are perfect in these cases.

Do not use water, vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide!

As we said water inside your dogs ear will only improve development and growth of bacteria. Vinegar is too acidic and will cause damage to your Goldens inner ear tissue.
Hydrogen Peroxide, like vinegar, will cause damage to sensitive ear tissue.