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Come command – How to teach a dog to come to the call?

Come command – How to teach a dog to come to the call?

How to teach a dog to come to the call?

The Come command is the basic command that should be practiced with the dog and finally know how to apply it well. The benefits are manifold for you as the owner and above all for your pet. Simply the dog will have more freedom. The thing is simple: you will build a strong bond with the dog so that you can count on the fact that he will run up to you in any situation. Then you have the opportunity to release him on a leash while walking, to let him get to know the surroundings more freely, the dog will be able to enjoy such moments with better quality.

Dressage procedure

In order to teach a dog to come to command, you only need to apply the basic principles of training. However, this command requires a lot of repetition. The reason is that this is one of the first commands you will teach a dog at all. It is very wise to start applying this dressage:

  1. While the dog is still very young
  2. While he was not yet accustomed to complete obedience

After learning the “Come” command, everyone else will go easier.

The easiest method is to have a toy in one hand and something with which you can reward the dog with the other (a food granule, a dog treat, a piece of ham, salami…). Stay away from the dog and call him. Always use the same, single voice command (“Come”). When the dog comes to you, at least by accident, reward him with pellets or whatever you already have. It’s not cool to just say “Come”, the color of the voice, tonality and volume are also important. Say the command clearly and loudly.

Golden Retriever listening to Come Command

Repetion of Come Command

In fact, repeat this a couple of times a day, for several days in a row. The very important thing is not to overdo the repetitions at once because the dog can get tired, he will get bored and stop enjoying (because for him this is just a game, a happy and joyful moment). And also, don’t forget, the dog must get a reward when he does what you ask of him. So you invite him, he comes, you reward him with a treat.

It will happen at the beginning that he is already going to you, that sometimes he comes by chance, the situation hits or whatever. And that’s great. As soon as he comes you reward him.


Calling a dog by its name

It is important to emphasize that it is not recommended to call a dog using his name. It is not a problem at all for a pet to learn a large number of different commands, so use the “Come” command to come. The name is something that other people around you know, so the dog can happily respond to the call of the name by other people as well. However, it must be known who the owner and owner of the dog is. It is not advisable for a dog to obey the commands of strangers and other people.

Because let me remind you: on call, the dog must come to you unreservedly. And you don’t care if there’s a bag of greaves somewhere or a nice female who would rather be his company. 🙂

Come command and our community

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