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Craigslist Golden Retriever: Why it’s a bad idea

Craigslist Golden Retriever: Why it’s a bad idea

Craigslist can be a helpful tool when you’re looking to buy something. Be it furniture, services or even housing. But what about getting s Craigslist Golden Retriever, or any dog breed for that matter? Is it a good idea to get your new pet from a Craigslist ad?

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The biggest and most important tip we have for you when it comes to buying a dog off of Craigslist is DON’T! Do not buy a dog from Craigslist, and there are several reasons why!

Craigslist Golden Retriever

Now, there are many reasons why you should never buy a dog from Craigslist. We understand that it might seem appealing because the dogs on there are usually cheaper, some dogs are even offered for free. Besides this, there is no waiting period to get your new puppy because the buyer usually just wants to “get rid” of the litter.

However, the thing with Craigslist ads is that you don’t know whether or not they claim about the animal is even true! Even if you go see the puppies, there is a chance the person who is behind the ad is lying about something. The worst part is that some things will be invisible until long after you get the pet home.

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With that being said, we can’t stop you from getting a Craigslist Golden retriever or puppy in general. However, we still want you to be safe and help you. You should know how to read a Craigslist ad and what all the red flags are to look out for.

How to read a Craigslist ad

Before you decide to buy a dog from Craigslist please first read THIS story on a Craigslist dog who had the Parvovirus and THIS advice from a veterinarian.

If you think that this can’t happen to you and you still want to buy a dog off of Craigslist learn how to evaluate each ad.

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There are four crucial steps in evaluating an Craigslist ad:

  • Skip all the ads without pictures! So, no picture – just move along.
  • Do you find the picture cute? Does it look like the person behind the ad put in effort when taking it? If the answer is yes, proceed. If the answer is no, move to the next ad with a picture.
  • Is there an adoption fee? If the dog is inexpensive and immediately available, proceed.
  • Lastly, read the description VERY carefully. Read between the lines.
Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Australia
Before getting a Craigslist Golden retriever carefully read the ad, read between the lines!

Craigslist red flags

Now, when reading the description, always read between the lines. What does the person behind the ad mean? Some of these things might not generally be a red flag, but definitely require additional follow-up questions like “What exactly do you mean by that?” and “Why is this a requirement?”. You’ll see what we mean.

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1. Would prefer a house where someone is home all day.

What does this sentence mean? Does the dog have separation distress or anxiety? Does it mean that the dog can’t ever be left alone?

Will it destroy your home if left alone only for a couple of hours? This statement definitely deserves follow-up questions to better understand the situation.

2. Very dominant, needs a firm hand or experienced owner.

So, what they’re saying is that the dog is untrained? This statement can mean so many things, for example that the dog hasn’t been leash trained properly, has no manners when meeting new people, barks all the time and so on.

3. Outside dog.

When an ad says “Outside dog.” they probably mean that the dog hasn’t been potty trained. Or maybe the dog has other behavioral problems like chewing the furniture.

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4. Very protective.

Ask for and explanation. What does “Very protective” mean? Does the dog display territorial aggression, leash reactivity, other-dog aggression, human aggression, and resource-guarding issues? Or does the dog simply bark when someone walks by the house?