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Cute Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

Cute Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retrievers somehow manage to be majestic and goofy at the same time. After adopting a golden retriever puppy your life will be put upside down. But in the best way possible.

Soon you will realize that they are so much more than dogs. They are the best listener you ever had, an amazing anxiety reliever, your best friend and cuddle buddy.

We are bringing you five cute facts about our favorite dog breed:

  1. They are a natural anti-depressant

These puppies have some magic surrounding them. Just one look at their face will completely calm you down and make your troubles seem a bit easier than they were before.

There is a reason as to why so many therapy dogs are golden retrievers. Their warmth and sensibility will make you feel better as well instantly.

  1. They can make you appreciate social media in a completely new way

It’s no secret that social media became incredibly toxic lately. Many people are struggling with low self esteem and depression due to the unrealistic expectations they hold their life up to from what they saw on other people’s social media pages.

To make your news feed a more positive place, try following some golden retrievers as well. Seeing their big smiles and warm eyes will give you the positivity you need while scrolling down your timeline.

  1. Everything these puppies do is just adorable

Be ready to fill up your photo gallery with photos of your golden pup exclusively- because everything they do is simply picture-worthy.

The way they sleep, the way their eat and their daily mischiefs. You will have to have everything documented because it was just so adorable and totally different from the previous time they did the same thing.

  1. They get along with almost everyone

Golden Retriever puppies easily make friends. It does not matter if they are kids, adults, or other animals – their friendliness will attract anyone.

They are so friendly, in fact, that they may not be the best bet when looking for guard dogs; a golden will usually greet any stranger, including during a break-in, with a welcoming smile on their face.

  1. They will love you like no one before did

The loyalty of golden retrievers cannot be stressed enough- because they will love you till the end!

They are one of the most popular dog breeds for a reason- because the love they give is a love so strong most people have never felt it before.

At the end of the day, your athletic, big-pawed, adventurous, silly, and loving Golden pup will only have eyes for you.

What are your favorite things about golden retrievers? Let us know in the comments.