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Dachshund: What You Need To Know

Dachshund: What You Need To Know

The Dachshund is a medium-size dog breed that will win over anyone with their magnetic personality. They are lovable, endearing and affectionate. However, Dachshunds are also known as weiner dogs, hotdogs or sausage dogs — because of their elongated bodies and very short legs.

These dogs are great companions and an amazing choice for a family dog. But because of their protective nature they make excellent watchdogs as well.


Standard Dachshunds are 8 to 9 inches tall and 16 to 32 pounds heavy. Their coat can vary from short to long, or even wire-haired. The possible colors of their coats are: black, tan, fawn, beige, blue, chocolate, and red.


The Dachshund’s origins go as bas as the 15th century. Their development officially began in Germany in the 17th century where they were hunting badgers.

Soon, a second size of the Dachshund was developed — miniature dachshunds. Additionally, there is even a middle size breed in Germany.

Dachshunds came to the US in 1885. Their popularity increased in the 1930s, and they remained very popular to this day.


These dogs have very bold personalities. At worst, Dachshunds are stubborn, defensive, overly-protective. And they don’t tire out from barking! That’s why training is so important for these pups. If they feel threatened or bored they will fall back to their destructive behaviors.

The Dachshund isn’t the ideal breed to have around little kids. Socializing is incredibly important for these canines, and you have to start from an early age. Therefore, your dog will feel the most comfortable around children if he’s trained from early on. But you will also have to teach your kids to be gentle with this dog, as their long backs can get injured easily.

Dachshunds also have a high prey drive, which can get you into trouble if you have farm animals around. Also, if you have other pets around — know that dachshunds can act very bossy around other breeds. However, they get perfectly along with other dachshunds.


Grooming widely depends on the type of coat your dachshund has. Therefore, if you have a longhaired sausage dog, you will have to brush daily. However, if their coat is short, once a week will be fine.

Their nails grow quite quickly, therefore regular trims are a must. Their flappy ears need cleaning regularly as well. If you want to learn how, click here. Also, don’t forget to brush their teeth to prevent plaque and dental infections.

Common Health Problems

If bred responsibly, Dachshunds will live a long and healthy life. Their average life expectancy is from 12 to 16 years.

However, there are certain health conditions that they are prone to. Obesity is one of them. Therefore, make sure your dog gets enough of exercise and eats a healthy and balanced diet.

Some other medical conditions that you need to be on the lookout for, are:

  1. Intervertebral disc disease
  2. Diabetes mellitus
  3. Hip dysplasia
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Gastric dilatation-volvulus
  6. Acanthosis nigricans

Make sure to give your Dachshund enough exercise. 10 minutes walks multiple times a day and some extra play time will do the trick. Obesity is one of the main health issues in Dachshunds. However, thankfully it can be prevented with a healthy and active lifestyle.