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Designer Dog Clothes: For The Bougie Canine

Designer Dog Clothes: For The Bougie Canine
Designer dog clothes

If you’re a fan of designer brands and love to invest in luxury clothing, you know that buying designer items is a whole experience. The packaging, the quality and those butterflies you feel in your stomach once you get the perfectly packed package in your hands. But you’ll might be surprised when we tell you that you can also buy that experience for your dog. Because designer dog clothes are indeed a thing.

However, if you aren’t too keen on spending thousands of dollars on one item of clothing, you might be wondering — who the hell would buy such expensive rain coats for their dogs?! But just like with any other designer item, designer dog clothes are nothing else than a status symbol. Most people either really love the brand they are buying from or want everyone else to know that they can afford to buy it.

Either way, we won’t judge you. Because hey, if you have the money and want to have matching designer outfits for you and your canine companion — we totally get it. It would look cute.

However, if you’re more interested in something cheaper, click here.

Designer dog clothes


If you are a fan of the prestige Italian brand, we have amazing news for you — your dog can enjoy it too! However, it will come at a cost. So if you are willing to pay 500$ for a dog coat, this one might be for you.

They have an adorable dog puffer jacket available. The description says: “Inspired by the designs of the men’s and women’s collections, this dog puffer coat is made of nylon, a characteristic Prada fabric. The coat is decorated with the iconic enameled metal triangle logo, appearing for the first time on trunks designed by Mario Prada in 1913 and reinterpreted on unexpected garments and accessories.”


One very pet friendly luxury brand is definitely Versace. You can buy a variety of dog items on their online store. From a luxury dog bed to stylish dog collars. Even a bougie bathrobe for dogs is available. However, the prices go up to 900 $.

Luxury dog collars

While not all luxury brands have dog clothes available, many of them have dog collars. Here are our favorite two.

Luis Vuitton

On their official website it says: “The Baxter dog collar is specially designed for small dogs. In Monogram canvas, it has a leather backing and ID tag and can be accompanied by the Baxter dog lead.”


If you are a fan of this classic luxury brand, than this simple dog collar may be the right one for your bougie pup. The black and beige Dior Oblique jacquard dog collar is a stylish accessory for a pet. Centered by a logo-engraved decorative padlock, the adjustable collar is meant to be worn tight against the neck. Lined in black calfskin, the luxurious collar coordinates with other men’s Dior Oblique accessories. This collar is available in three sizes. (S, M and L)