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Do Dogs Have Lips?

Do Dogs Have Lips?
Do Dogs Have Lips

What you see when you look at another human’s face. You can clearly distinguish ears, eyes, nose, and mouth with upper and lower lips. When you look at your dog you can also distinguish ears, eyes, snout, and mouth. But, where are the lips? Do dogs even have lips?

In this article, we will answer these questions, so keep on reading.

So, Do Dogs Have Lips?

It’s fairly difficult to notice it when you look at your furry friend, but dogs do have two separated lips. The upper dog lip is called “flew,” and the lower lip is simply called “lower lip.” How unimaginative, right?

The upper lip or the flew comes in many different forms and sizes based on the breed of the dog. Some dog breeds have extremely big flews, so big that you will struggle to find the lower lip.

These breeds include:

Dog’s mouth anatomy doesn’t have that much in common with human anatomy. One of the more similar features is actually the lips. However, lips in dogs and humans have very different functions. 

We use lips as a sensory organ and to consume food. On the other hand, the role of the lips in dogs is to protect the jaw and the teeth. However, lips also play an important role in the dog’s body language and transport scents to the dog’s nose for better olfaction.

What Is The Color Of The Dogs’ Lips?

The color of the dog’s lips is mostly black. However, don’t think that all dogs have black lips. You can also find brown or grey lips in some dogs. The color of the dog’s lips depends on the level on the level of melanin in his body. If the dog’s body produces higher levels of melanin, chances are that the dog’s lips, coat, or skin will be darker. 

However, since the level of melanin changes over the course of your dog’s life, this will also affect the color of the lips. Therefore, you may notice this change in your dog. It’s a normal occurrence caused by several different causes.

Can Dogs Smile And Kiss?

Ok, now that you know that dogs have lips the next two logical questions are can they smile and kiss?

Let’s start with kissing. The answer may disappoint you, but dogs don’t kiss to show love and affection. However, dogs tend to lick the person they like to show their affection.

Ok, now that we know dogs don’t kiss, do they at least smile? Well, we will have to disappoint you on that one too. Humans perceive a wide-open mouth with teeth showing as a smile, a sign of pleasure and happiness. However, other species, including our furry friends, don’t express their pleasure the way we do.

Many dog owners will mistake the dog’s wide-open mouth with tongue sticking out for a smile. However, this is not the case. Usually, this “smile” is accompanied by a submissive grin, which is a sign of anxiety, fear, and discomfort.

On the other hand, it’s possible that your dog has learned to mimic your smile. Your dog may have learned to associate that “smile” is a reliable way to get your attention and treats. This can quickly turn into a habit.


Dogs do have lips, they have an upper and lower lip. However, the function of a dog’s lips is different than that of human lips. While we use our lips to consume food and as a sensory organ, dog’s lips have mostly a protective role.