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Do Dogs Have Souls Or Spirits?

Do Dogs Have Souls Or Spirits?

If you ever looked deep into your dog’s eyes you know that there is something so deep and beautiful behind them. Even though dogs can’t talk to us directly, they communicate with us through the small acts of kindness that they do on a daily basis. If you’re a dog owner, you don’t need the Pope to tell you that all dogs go to heaven. Because there is no other place that they could go after passing. Whenever you hear someone ask – “Do dogs have souls”, you know that the answer is yes. The purest kind of souls.

What are souls?

Even though there is no scientific definition of what a soul is, we know what it represents to us. The soul is considered our higher self. Our truest being that continues living even after our body dies. It’s hidden deep inside of us and makes us what and who we are. And if you have shared your life with an animal for long enough – you’re most likely convinced that they have souls too.

If you’re a spiritual person, you most likely believe that all pure feelings come from the soul. There is no purer feeling than love, and there is no purer love than the one from an animal or child. Therefore it’s perfectly clear for all dog lovers that dogs definitely do have souls.

What have been the beliefs throughout the years?

Dogs have been a part of our lives for thousands of years. They were actually the first domesticated species and are still today the only fully domesticated pets. There’s a saying that dogs are our best friends. And isn’t that true? Just thinking about all of the service dogs out there.

For centuries dogs have been helping us as guardians. Today, they are also an important part of the police and military. Besides giving us emotional comfort and love, it is also in a dog’s nature to protect it’s owner.

Many, many years ago, dogs were also an important part of the Egyptian culture. There were seen as very important parts of the community and were buried next to their owner in big ceremonies. It was said that the spirits of dogs would help their owner’s to pass more easily onto the other side. They would keep their owners company even in the afterlife. Which clearly states that the Egyptians thought that dogs had souls as well.

Will our dogs really keep us company in the afterlife?

While there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove the existence of an afterlife at all, spiritual people will all agree that no heaven would be complete without dogs. And even the Pope said a few years ago that all dogs will indeed enter Heaven after death.

While it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what is waiting for us on the other side, we are sure that all of the dogs that we were lucky enough to have in our lives at some point will be waiting for us. Energetic, full of life, wiggling their tails and spinning around the moment they see us.