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Do Dogs Smile?

Do Dogs Smile?
Do Dogs Smile

Let’s face it, dogs are our best friends. Loyal to the bone, ready to follow us through everything life throws in front of us, and even ready to die for us. There is no other animal on this planet that is as connected with human beings as dogs are. The bond between dogs and humans is so strong and deep that our heartbeats will sync and slow down when we sleep together. Dogs also tend to mimic our movements and expression, they almost seem human. One of the most interesting things about dogs is their seeming ability to smile and laugh. But, is this really the case, do dogs actually smile?

So, Do Dogs Smile?

You have probably seen many photos on social media with dogs seemingly smiling in a similar way as humans. Dogs do this when they open their mouths, let their tounges over their teeth, and pull back their lips.

However, most animals behavioralist agree that dogs can’t smile in a way humans smile. 

Humans usually smile when they are happy and want to express their happiness. On the other hand, dogs express happiness in a different way.

Dogs use their bodies to express happiness. Therefore, a dog’s equivalent of a human smile would be a loose tail wag, bouncy body, soft eyes, and relaxed ears and mouths.

Can Dogs Laugh?

During the play, dogs often make a sound that seems to resemble human laughing. However, this is just a sound caused by forcefully exhaled panting, also known as play-pant.

If Dogs Can’t Laugh Or Smile, How To Know If He Is Happy?

While dogs can’t laugh or smile, there are other ways to show they are happy. Dogs actually use their entire body to express their emotions, including happiness. Dog’s tail is especially important in expressing how the dog feels. For example, when the tail is wagging, the dog is excited, if it’s lower than neutral position, the dog is anxious or expressing submission, and when the tail is in a neutral position, the dog is relaxed.

However, to understand how your dog really feels, you need to look at his body language as a whole.