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Do Golden retrievers bark a lot?

Do Golden retrievers bark a lot?

Barking is like talking for dogs. That’s just how they communicate and it’s inevitable. of course, if a dog is barking constantly this can be a problem not only for you, but also everyone in your household and your neighbors. But does this apply to Golden retrievers, do Golden retrievers bark a lot?

It’s a reasonable question that I will try to answer as well as I can.

Do Golden retrievers bark a lot?

Let me start of by saying once again that barking is normal, it will happen, it’s unavoidable. Generally speaking, Golden retrievers aren’t the quietest dogs, but they are also not among the dogs that bark all the time. They are somewhere in the middle, I guess you could say they are moderate barkers.

Do Golden retrievers bark a lot: Types of barks

Now, there are two types of barks, the hostile bark, and the nice, friendly bark.

The hostile bark happens when your dog is scared or angry when he or she is in distress. Nice, friendly barks happen when your dog just wants to say “hello” to someone or something. And the latter is the case with Golden retrievers. They are very sociable dogs, so they’ll love to greet (bark) at animals passing on the sidewalk, or walking by your house.

But these are not the only reasons why your Golden retriever might be barking.

Reasons why your Golden retriever is barking

There are several reasons why your Golden retriever might be barking: excitement, distress, aggression or just to get attention. Let’s explain all of these reasons.

Do Golden retrievers bark alot?
Golden retriever barking (Source: Pinterest)


When my Golden retriever was just a puppy she would randomly start barking. First I thought there was something wrong with her. I was seriously worried, so I took her to the vet. The vet didn’t find anything tat might indicate that she was in pain or that something was wrong, so she told me to pay attention to the situations in which my puppy starts barking. So I did! I started writing in my journal when she barked. First it was when I was working and she was alone in her crate. The second time it happened when I was watching TV and the was lying next to me. third time it happened while I was on the phone with my mother. That’s when I realized, she is barking when she is bored! When she is craving attention. I took my findings to the vet and she confirmed my theory! Golden retrievers tend to bark when they aren’t getting enough attention.


Distress or feelings like pain, stress, fear, anxiety or frustration are all reasons why a dog barks.

A friend of mine had a Golden retriever while growing up, I don’t remember the dog’s name so I’ll call him Theo. My friend and her sister grew up in a very toxic household, the parents were arguing constantly. It was a very stressful time not only for my friend and her sister, but for Theo as well. My friend recalls one night when she was arguing with her sister, Theo came into the room and started barking. The louder the argument got, the louder Theo got. What do you think why?

It’s simple, it was stressful for Theo to watch his beloved two humans fight.


Generally speaking, Golden retrievers are very friendly dogs, however, from time to time they do get a little aggressive in certain situations. You will know it’s an aggressive barky if the fur on its back starts to bristle.


Just like your dog might bark when he or she wants attention, they also might bark when they are excited!

This might happen when you get home from work. Your dog has been waiting for you, his favorite human all day long, so he or she will show you how much they’ve missed you by barking and jumping around!

How to stop your dog from barking a lot

Like I’ve mentioned, it’s impossible to stop your dog completely from barking, it’s just the way they communicate!

However, there are ways in which you can reduce the barking:

  • Give your dog attention
  • Give your dog distractions
  • Your dog needs to get enough exercise
  • Do not reinforce the bad behavior by giving treats when your dog is barking.

These are all amazing tips on how to reduce your dogs barking, but it’s important to state that the key here is starting young. The earlier you start teaching your dog that it shouldn’t bark all the time, the more success you’ll have in achieveing this goal.

Conclusion – Do Golden retrievers bark a lot?

You can say that Golden retrievers are moderate at barking, they aren’t the works breed there is, but they do tend to bark quite a bit. Generally speaking, dogs will always bark, it’s just that some dogs do it to a lesser extend. Barking is normal and it’s just a dog’s way of communicating his or her feelings. However, even though you can’t stop the barking altogether, you can reduce it by applying a few tactics.