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Does my dog know I love him?

Does my dog know I love him?
Does my dog know I love him

The most asked question among dog owners is “Does my dog know I love him?”. We love our dogs so much, we would do anything for them so we just want to know, do our dogs know that!

It’s just recently that we found out that dogs actually dream of us, so it’s normal that we wonder if they know how we feel about them.

Well, we have great news! According to experts dogs do know how much we love them!

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Does my dog know I love him?

As mentioned in our introduction, dogs really know how we feel about them. They are aware of the love and affection we have for them. If you don’t believe us, experts have actually confirmed this!

In an interview for People Dr. Brian Hare, who has written books about canine cognition says that dogs have emotions and feelings just like we humans do!

Hugging you with their eyes

“Your dog knows how much you love him! Dogs and humans have a very special relationship, where dogs have actually hijacked the human oxytocin bonding pathway that is normally reserved for our babies. When you stare at your dog, both your oxytocin levels go up, the same as when you pet them and play with them. It makes you both feel good and reinforces your bonding. Does your dog ever stare at you for no reason? They are just “hugging you” with their eyes.”

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Isn’t this the most adorable paragraph you’ve read in a while? Your dog is hugging you with their eyes…

Deepen the love

Now that you for sure know your dog does feel your love, maybe you want to wind more ways to show a little bit extra love to your dog.

a picture of a dog and hearts in order to answer does my dog love me
We feel tremendous love for our dogs, and according to experts they know that!

There are so many things you can do to show your dog you love them!

1. Spend more time with your dog

Your dog loves you just as much you love your dog! And a dog that loves you wants to be near you, all the time if possible!

So try to spend a little bit more time with your dog. Little things like watching TV together, or take them on an extra long walk or hike. Or maybe have them in the kitchen while you’re cooking!

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It doesn’t really matter what it is, your dog will be happy to spend even an extra five minutes with you!

2. Talk to your dog

No, really we mean it. Talk to your dog. Have proper conversations with them. Just because they can’t answer you, doesn’t mean they don’t understand you! It might sound silly a bit.

But just think of it like this, even if you don’t believe your dog understands you, they still probably really like it when you talk to them!

Talk to your dog about your day, tell them a juicy gossip or your biggest secret. They can’t blabber it to anyone.

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Besides this being a great way to bond with your dog, studies have shown that talking to and petting dogs can contribute to lower blood pressure in humans!

So talking to your dog is not only beneficial to your relationship, but your health too!

3. Rub your dog’s ears

Have you ever tried rubbing your dog’s ears? Generally speaking, this act of affection will put any dog on cloud nine!

Experts claim that dog’s ears are a hot spot for nerve endings. When these are activated, they send messages all throughout the dog’s body while releasing endorphins – your dog will be very happy!

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But it’s not only rubbing the ears. Any kind of touch will make your dog happy and let them know you love them.


In conclusion, the answer to your question “Does my dog know I love him” is yes they definitely do!

It’s been proven by experts that dogs really do know how much we love them, and that they love us back!

So, you might want to give your dog some extra loving today!