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Does my dog love me? How canines show affection

Does my dog love me? How canines show affection
Does my dog love me

Dogs, or any animal for that matter, can’t talk. So they can’t really tell us how they feel about us. If we annoy them, if we make them angry or if they love us! Dog owners often wonder “Does my dog love me?”.

This is a good question. Because dogs can’t talk they have other ways to communicate their needs and wants. Be sure that pets will show you whether or not they are fond of you! So, if your dog likes you, you’ll defintiely know. But how do dogs show their love?

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There are actually many ways your dog will show you that they love. We’re going to decipher only a few of them so that you don’t have to wonder anymore and ask yourself “Does my dog love me?”

Does my dog love me – Ways your pet shows affection

Let’s first explain how we know that dogs actually can feel any emotion. There is a study by doctor Stanley Coren that actually shows that dogs have the same emotions as a 2-year-old child. This proves that dogs indeed feel emotions!

a picture of a dog and hearts in order to answer does my dog love me
We feel tremendous love for our dogs, but do they love us back?

According to the study “children begin to feel love and affection at around 9 or 10 months. A dog will feel all the same things a child will feel up until the child reaches 2 – 2 ½ years, at which time the child begins to develop more complex emotions and a dog’s emotional development will end.”

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With that being said we also want you to know that dogs have many different ways of showing their love and affection to you. Some are very subtle, so you will have to pay close attention.

1. They make eye contact with you

Did you know that when your dog is looking you directly in the eyes it releases Oxytocin?

This is a hormone that promotes bonding between not only animals but humans too.

A picture of a Cavapoo
By making eye contact with their owners dogs are communicating love!

Knowing this it is safe to say that if your dog often makes eye contact with you it definitely loves you and you don’t have to keep wondering “Does my dog love me?”.

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2. Licking you

Licks are like kisses. in the doggy world! So if your dog licks you a lot it means they probably really like you! This also means that your dog considers you as a part of his or her pack, you’re their family!

Besides this, in the animal world, dogs will groom each other by licking and they will also lick when they are being submissive.

Dogs licking each other in order to answer does my dog love me
Lick are kisses in the world of dogs – if your dog licks your face it’s a clear sign they love you

3. Your dog brings things to you

Does your dog keep bringing you random things? They do it out of love!

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You might be annoyed when your dog brings you random objects all the time, but don’t cuss them out. If they often bring gifts to you, it’s a clear sign that they love you and care about you. So appreciate their little gifts!

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It might be annoying when your dog brings you random objects, but that’s just how they show love

4. They follow you around

Is your dog following you around EVERYWHERE? Even to the toilette? Well, they do this out of love too!

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Following you around is also a sign that your dog loves you dearly. Just think of it this way, if your dog did not trust you then it would not want to stay near you!


Stop wondering “Does my dog love me” because they definitely do! Your dog probably adores you, however, they can’t tell you that directly.

It takes a little bit of skill and paying attention to different cues in order to know how your dog feels about you.

Your dog is telling you they love you in so many different ways! By licking, by looking at you or even by bringing you things. So, just pay attention to their behavior.