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Dog Cage: Everything You Need To Know

Dog Cage: Everything You Need To Know
Dog Cage

What Is A Dog Cage?

Think of a dog cage as his den, his safe place where it comes to relax and enjoy some “alone time.” A Dog cage or dog crate also helps us with dog travel and toilet training. 

Types Of Dog Cages

There are four types of dog cages:

Plastic cage

These are simple, easy-to-clean cages best suited for small dog breeds. These features make plastic dog cages a great option when traveling.

Metal cage

Metal cages are stronger, sturdier than plastic ones. These cages are best suited for larger dogs. Since they are collapsible, it’s easy to store them and use them again when needed. Combine this ability with, durable metal wire and generally good ventilation these cages offer and you get an excellent cage for travel.

Wooden cage

Generally, wooden cages are not the best options for car travel. However, they are perfect dog cages for the house. Made of natural material, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing, wooden cages are the number one option for many dog owners.

Portable cage

Portable cages were built for one purpose – travel. Therefore, these cages are much stronger and safer than regular cages. On the other hand, they are not as comfortable as regular dog cages. Usually, portable cages are either plastic or metal.

How To Chose The Dog Crate?

The word cage sounds rough, so the wood crate is more in use nowadays. Whatever you call it, in reality, your dog should feel safe and comfortable in it. Dogs are den animals and they need a personal space where they will relax, nap, and run away when they feel stressed or scared. 

If you want your dog to really connect with the crate, you need to make it feel comfortable and safe. The first step in that direction is to choose the size of the crate. 

There are many different options, based on the dog size. Therefore, we have a big dog cage for large dog breeds, a small dog cage for small dog breeds, etc. 

To learn how to properly measure and buy the right size crate for your dog, read this article.

Where To Buy Dog Cage?

There are many stores that sell dog cages (crates). However, the two safest options are probably Amazon and Walmart. When talking about the dog cage, Walmart, in particular, has many options, based on the size and purpose of the cage.