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Dog Car Seat: An Item Every Dog Owner Needs

Dog Car Seat: An Item Every Dog Owner Needs
Dog Car Seat

It’s always nice to take your little furry friend for a car ride. However, when traveling there is always a risk of a car crash and other accidents that you need to be aware of. Therefore, it is crucial that you do everything in your power to protect yourself and your dog. Unfortunately, studies have shown that a staggering 48 percent of dog owners don’t own dog car seats or any other safety equipment. Even more worrying and disappointing is that 41 percent of dog owners allow their dogs to sit in the front seat. Studies and tests have shown that in the event of a collision at just 30 mph, an 80-pound unrestrained dog turns into an almost 2.500 pounds projectile. Therefore, it is essential to properly secure your dog during the car ride to prevent injuries and death. Today, we will talk about dog car seat and how it solves safety issues during the car ride.

What Is A Dog Car Seat?

Dogs tend to be restless in the car during the ride. If left unrestrained, a dog may run on the back seats or even jump on the front seats in an effort to get to your lap. These are dangerous behaviors and they can lead to accidents, injury, and even death.

A good-quality dog car seat will solve these issues. A dog car seat is one of the most popular and effective methods of securing your dog during the car ride.

Basically, a dog car seat is a box, a well-defined area for your dog to sit in during the ride. The box is attached to the seat via belts. 

There are two types of dog car seats. We can position car seat boxes at the seat level. On the other hand, we can elevate booster seats. Booster seats allow your dog to look throughout the car window, while simultaneously enabling you to monitor your dog in the rearview mirror.

Since booster seats and car seat boxes are comfortable, they are perfect for small and medium-size dogs, especially those that suffer from anxiety.

Things To Consider When Buying Dog Car Seats

The safety and wellbeing of your dog should be the primary concern. Therefore, your main focus should be on the crash safety design of the seat. Make sure that the seat you are buying for your dog has been approved by the Center For Pet Safety.

Another thing to consider is the quality and durability of the seat. Don’t fall into trap of buying the cheaper version only to regret that decision later. Dogs need time to adapt to changes. Therefore, you don’t want to change dog car seats often.

Last, but not least, you need to pick the right size of the dog car seat that will suit your dog. You will find recommended size and weight on the seat’s product description. 

However, to be absolutely certain that the seat will fit, bring your dog with you to the shop to try and test the seat.

People Also Ask

Is it safe for my dog to ride in the front seat?

No, it’s not safe for dogs to drive in the front seat. In case of a crash, the dog can suffer serious injuries and even die.

Can I put my dog in a baby car seat?

A dog should never be left unrestrained in the car during the ride. Ideally, the dog should be restrained in a dog car seat, crate, or safety harness. However, even the baby seat is a better option than leaving your dog to freely run and move inside the car.