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Dog Clothes: How To Choose And Buy The Right One?

Dog Clothes: How To Choose And Buy The Right One?
Dog Clothes

We tend to think that people dress their dogs purely for decorative purposes and in order to stay fashionable. However, this is not completely true. There are dogs, that need clothes in order to stay warm. Old, sick dogs, as well as hairless breeds or small house dogs, are particularly sensitive to cold weather and they need some help from us to stay warm. Therefore, it’s advisable that you buy dog clothes if you own a dog from the above-mentioned categories.

Types Of Clothes For Dogs

When buying your dog clothes, you need to take into consideration the purpose that clothes will serve. 

There are three basic types of protective dog clothes available in stores:

Dog Hoodie

Dog hoodies are best suited for the colder autumn and spring days. They are mostly made of cotton and provide freedom of movement to the dog. A dog hoodie will not only keep your dog warm and comfortable, but it will also give him a great, fashionable look.

Dog Sweater

Dog sweaters provide protection against moisture and wind. The sweaters are mostly used in houses when the dog is shaking or during the first cold days of autumn and spring. High-quality dog sweaters are made of knitted fabric and contain natural wool. Also, a good sweater should not restrict the dog’s movement or cause discomfort to your furry friend.

Dog Jacket

Dog jackets are the warmest clothes for dogs, thus they are the perfect option for dogs that love to play in the snow or walk in the winter. They are made of several layers of warm materials and water-resistant fabrics

How To Buy The Right Clothes For My Dog?

Dog clothes need to be comfortable and should not constrict your dog’s movements or cause him discomfort. Therefore, the best option is to bring your furry friend to try the clothes at the store. This way, you will instantly notice if your dog feels comfortable or not in his new clothes. 

However, if you can’t bring your furry friend to the store, then you need to measure its dimensions before buying the clothes. 

Dimensions that are important when buying dog clothes:

  • Neck girth (measure at the bottom of the neck)
  • Length of the back (the distance from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail)
  • Chest girth (measure at the widest point of the rib cage)

Other Clothes For Dogs

We have emphasized dog clothes that protect dogs from the elements in this article. However, there are also other types of clothes that have more of a decorative function. These include hats, scarves, dresses, t-shirts, etc.

Also, there are special dog clothes tailored for the specific function such as anti-slip socks, reflective vests, special clothes for female dogs in the heat, etc.

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