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Dog Door: How To Pick And Buy The Right One

Dog Door: How To Pick And Buy The Right One
Dog Door

If you want your dog to have more freedom of movement as well as an easy way out to the potty, then you need to install a dog door. 

Today we will talk about several things you need to take into consideration when buying dog doors.

Things To Consider When Buying New Dog Doors?

Installing a dog door is a big investment. Therefore, you don’t want to rush and buy a door that won’t fit your dog or cause you additional issues. There are several things you should consider before purchasing a door.


When buying a dog door, one of the first things to consider is the size of the door. Ideally, the height of the door should be two inches above the shoulder height of your furry friend. The width of the dog door should be 2 inches wider than the width of the broadest part of the dog (either hips or shoulders). If you have multiple dogs make sure that the doors are high enough for the tallest dog and low enough for the smallest. 

People often make mistakes by buying a dog that fits the current size of their dog. Therefore, as the dog grows they need to change the size of the door. 

To avoid these unnecessary expenses, make sure to buy doors that will fit your dog when he reaches full size. Also, if you are planning on buying another dog in the future, make sure to take into account the probable height and width of that dog.


It’s a common misconception that dog doors are always installed in an exterior door. However, this is not the case. You have many options, basically, you can install a door anywhere you want. 

When looking for a good location for a dog door, take into consideration that they should give your dog easy access to the fenced yard or lawn.


Long gone are the days of simple flap doors. While these doors are cheap, effective, and simple, they have many safety issues. Anything can go through them and enter your house. Basically, other dogs animals, and even thieves have access to your home. 

There were cases in Florida where alligators crawled into the house through dog doors. Other animals like raccoons also found that dog doors provide easy access to food. 

Therefore, you need to go high tech these days to make your home safe, but still, provide easy access to the lawn. 

Dog doors these days have a scanner that either reads your dog’s microchip or data from a special dog tag. Therefore, the flaps will open only for your dog and close after he is inside the house. You also have the option of restricting your dog’s movement through the door. 

For example, this option is perfect if your dog has some health issues or is still recovering from surgery. The door will still recognize the dog tag or microchip, but won’t open due to the restriction.

Training Your Dog To Use Door

Just because you bought quality, high-tech doors, don’t mean that your dog will know how to use them. Some dogs figure how to use doors fairly quickly, while others will struggle a bit, but they will eventually learn it.

You can train your dog with a little help from a family member or a friend. Stand on each side of the door, remove the flap and call the dog and reward him with treats after he comes to you. After your dog is comfortably going back and forth through the door, install the flap and repeat the training process.

People Also Ask

I have heard that dog doors decrease the home value. Is that true?

Well, most homes have dog doors and the price of the house with dog doors doesn’t differ much from the house without them. However, if you place a dog door on a fire-rated dog, then the appraiser will probably mark it as a safety risk and ask that you remove it.

How much does it cost to install a dog door?

The price depends on the type of door you want to install. For example, you will pay just above $100 for a dog door with vinyl or plastic flap. On the other hand, if you want cutting-edge, high-tech electronic dog doors, expect to pay around £650. However, most owners choose the third option a medium-sized electronic dog door, which will cost you around $300.