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Dog friendly beaches in Florida

Dog friendly beaches in Florida

It’s summer and it’s really really hot outside, so many people choose to cool down on the beach. A little swim in the ocean, a cold cocktail here and there, and you’re all good again. But what about our dogs. Why not bring them to the beach sometimes too? There are so many dog friendly beaches in Florida, but which are the best?

We have put together a list of the best beaches you can take your pooch with you for a nice swim.

No matter what you’re looking for, be it a quiet beach, or an action-filled beach, we’ve got you! And your dog too!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best dog-friendly beaches in Florida.

Dog-friendly beaches in Florida

Your pooch deserves a vacation too, and these dog friendly beaches are just perfect for that!

1. Anne’s Beach (Islamorada)

Anne’s Beach in Florida

Anne’s Beach is located in Islamorada in Florida, to be precise its on Lower Matecumbe Key between Key Largo and Key West.

The beach has large, shallow swimming area, shaded picnic tables, and bathroom facilities. The beach is wonderful for wading and strolling but is too shallow for swimming. However, it’s perfect for your pooch!

Even though you can’t swim here, you can still relax while your dog is enjoying itself!

People on Tripadvisor are amazed by this beach too, especially because it’s very quiet! However, one complaint almost everyone is that there are only two very small parking lots.

2. Honeymoon Island State Park Dog Beach (Dunedin)

Honeymoon Island State Park Dog Beach

Honeymoon Island is a quite small island. Its located across St. Joseph’s Sound from Crystal Beach, Palm Harbor, and Ozona.

The great thing about this island is that the entire island is actually a state park. It has around four miles of shoreline, which is covered in fine white sand! Sounds like a dream, right?

On the beach, there are designated swimming areas, a pet beach on the south end, and a great beach to the north that is full of colorful shells and perfect for long walks.

However, one downside of this beach is, even though part of the beach is designated for dogs, they are not allowed to run or swim without a leash!

According to the reviews on Tripadvisor, this beach is usually the perfect spot. However, right now there are beach reclamations in process, so many parts of the island, meaning many beaches, are closed off.

Other people also state that the beach is a little crowded.

3. Bonita Beach Dog Park (Fort Myers)

Bonita Springs Dog Beach

The Bonita Springs Dog Beach is definitely our favorite dog-friendly beach in Florida! Mostly because it’s an off-leash beach, meaning that your pooch can run around freely!

The beach is in Fort Myers. It’s located near the Bonita Springs border at the south end of Lovers Key State Park!

You will have to bring your own snacks and food because there are no shops or restaurants there. What is provided are portable toilets and doggie shower stations.

According to the reviews on Tripadvisor this is the perfect beach to take your pooch!

4. Haulover Beach Park (Miami)

Haulover Beach Park

Our list of the best dog-friendly beaches in Florida wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Haulover Beach Park in Miami. This is definitely one of the best beaches in Miami.

The beach is between the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal waterway, and the dog-friendly area, which is called Bark Park, lies between lifeguard towers 2 and 3.

The safety of your dog is very important here. That’s why there are separate parks for small dogs that weigh less than 35 pounds and large dogs that weigh over 35 pounds.

It’s also important to know that the beach is open to dogs from 8am to 3pm, so there’s plenty of time for you and your pup to enjoy your beach day!

Besides this, water fountains, poop bags, picnic tables, and benches are provided too!

According to Tripadvisor reviews this truly is the perfect beach, not only for dogs but for humans too!


In conclusion, there are so many great dog-friendly beaches in Florida, no matter which you choose, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

However, before deciding on your vacation spot, you might want to check reviews online, just to know what to expect.

Besides this, before deciding on a particular beach, make up your mind if you want an off-leash or on-leach beach. Depending on your preference, and your dog’s nature, you should make a decision.

Many of the dog-friendly beaches require you to pay a small fee, so you should be aware of that too.

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